Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh God, Please no more curry......

Monday morning at the crack of dawn, the phone rings .

Me: all groggy "Hello"

Some guy: "Mr.Smocha?" (shit, do I sound THAT bad in the morning?)

Me: "Umm, no this is his wife . I think he's in Denmark. Oh wait ,maybe it's Finland."

Cripes ,I can't even keep track of which country my husband is in.

I believe it was that same night that he came home from Helsinki,Finland.

In my own little mind ,I assumed that he would be home for days in a row. I had bought stuff to make myself a big ole pot of smokin' hot curry.

My husband is the biggest "pepper wimp" in the world. So when I realized he was coming home
I made my big pot of curry for me, I also made a pot of roasted balsamic chicken and vegetables for him, AND that awesome blueberry coffee cake.

So hubby gets home ,eats his chicken ,doesn't even touch the cake.

Later on.....

Me: " What happens tomorrow?"

Him: " I have to leave for Spain at 4 A.M. "

Oh, isn't that special? Why can I not remember ANY of this crap??

I have just eaten 'effin curry for the 5th night in a row.

I've begun hallucinating about foods I would love to have. (Besides curry)

Like Mexican food, some Cheetos, sunflower seeds, brownies, bar b q, chicken fried steak with gravy,fried okra, a big ole greasy cheeseburger,some french toast with maple syrup, even a can of Underwood chicken spread with Ritz crackers.

And......I've been eating delicious blueberry coffee cake for 5 nights in a row.

I'm sure hubby is going to have some snarky comment when he sees what's left of that cake.

Only one thing to do, go eat the rest of it before he gets here. :) then hide the evidence.

I simply MUST go out to eat tomorrow. I don't care if it's at Tesco!

Bon appetite ya'll

I have 30 minutes left to finish off that cake!


Brad said...

Who was on the phone?

I get some odd/obscene phone calls occasionally - Sounded like some she-male with a glandular problem.

Brad said...


Wesley said...

It sounds like you were planning on eatin curry for 5 days whether or not he was there?

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh no you don't! I see you tryin' to sneak out the back way without taking the award I gave you. You're my buddy and in my circle of TAKE it...dammnit! Bwhahahahahaha If you don't take it, I'll haunt you...I KNOW where you live. (well, kinda anyway). Anyhow....PLEEEEEEASE accept it....and pass it on. Hardly no work...only have to do FIVE things!!!!! And this time you don't have to dance naked on the roof of a Studebaker. I loved the remark about eating the cake and hiding the evidence. I have soooooo been down that road many times. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

SOUL said...

isn't that cake hard as a rock by now? :)) wish i was there for it on day one. looks yummay-

Anonymous said...

If someone asks for Mr. Smocha, you tell them he cannot come to the phone right now - you don't tell the ax murderer that your hub is out of the country! I posted yesterday on your Boy Mom blog about the cat vid - cat was trying to bury that empty plate in a pretend litter box. I wondered what had been for dinner that the cat treated like cat poop and wanted to bury it. Now I know - curry. Gahhh!! First time I ate a curry dish was in Jimmy's Restaurant in Hong Kong, China. I never went near curry again for 20 years. Now I kinda like it - but that first time I burped up curry for 2 weeks. G5

Mary said...

Good response from G5. Never, ever be home alone when responding to a phone call.

Posting about food isn't all bad. I do it all the time.

Yes, I'm a boy Mom AND Nana. When Harry and I married his daughter came to live with us. Believe me, she was the tomboy from hell. I treated her just the way I treated the boys and it worked well.

Mary said...
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