Wednesday, March 10, 2010

nuttin honey

I got nuthin' .

"Thanks for not crapping on me bird."

Market day in Fareham.They set up these stalls on the pedestrian street ,right in the middle of town.

(Click 'em to see them full sized)

I'm not sure if I could buy meat from a meat stand.

I didn't buy anything actually.

Found this alcove to stand in while waiting for hubby to pick me up.


Presenting the worst pizza in the world!

I treated myself last night to a delivered pizza.

OMG! The crust was awful, the sauce was bland and the toppings were practically nonexistent.

I tried chili flakes, salt and Parmesan was still awful.I had to eat it anyway.

No more British pizza!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!


SOUL said...

neat pix--
and yes--- some food just isn't meant to be prepared-- or consumed in some countries. that looks like the worst frozen of the frozen here. *GAG*
why no fish n chops or somethin yummy you've shown us?

how's the weather? it's tryin to turn here-- is it gettin better or worse out there?

luv me

SOUL said...

uhhhh, chIps-- NOT chOps.
shuddap, i can't see.

Anonymous said...

I bet all the little stands were neat. Better than the 270 flea market here! 61 degrees, edging to the 70's today! yayyy!! aj

Sandy said...

Love farmers markets but don't think I could buy meat either. That pizza does look nasty. Make your own next time. Yeah, like I've ever made a pizza. Actually I did once about 30 years ago. Turned out the olive oil was rancid. Throw that puppy out.

Smocha said...

Gah! I had to eat the rest of that swill tonight...but I put cheese on it this time.

I could make the toppings all day long...I just have no idea how to make a crust. (ooh , Sandy, rancid oil is a smell one can never forget)

Note to self: give us all Jeri's pizza crust recipe.

Soul, the fish and chips are great but they don't deliver to my isolated town.The weather is still "freezing wind tunnel" Save me!

At the 270 flea market ,I could have some awesome mexican food, find some used trinket to buy and bask in the 70 degree weather. You should be kissing the ground ,next time you go there!

Oh April can't come soon enough....

Anonymous said...

A market day - what fun! I think I would have bought some stuff if the price was right. Great opportunity for a Domino's Pizza franchise over there - open it up and make a killin. That was one miserable looking pizza. Got up to 72 here today. Spring has sprung. Put some gas in the boat via a can since it only had fumes in it when I put it up. Called the marina, yes, they are pumping gas. Then a violent thunder storm, heavy rain with hail. So much for that idea. Had 2 tornados in AR tonight, not near here. That means spring has arrived in Arkansas. G5

Anonymous said...

A man was killed in Heber Springs last night ! Storm here was horrible! I don't know which was worse, the storm or Rocky being a nervous wreck. Probably Rocky.... use flour tortilla's (spg) for pizza crust. Put oven rack on lowest and cook 425 degrees. Cooks very fast! cook until outside crust is turning. Beautiful day today -- 67 degrees! aj

Vanessa Rogers said...

I love outside markets. Too bad the pizza was so terrible!

love me said...

I do believe i see pineapple on that pizza...I myself have never made pizza unless you count taking biscut dough flattening it out putting some ketchup....and whatever was so yummy! some plants and get busy starting a little flower garden,it will keep u busy!

Anonymous said...

I notice there was 2 pizza boxes. LOL!