Saturday, March 27, 2010

Awards,fights and comments oh my.....

The difference between a boy mom and a girl mom :

Picture it , Antelope Valley ,about 20 years ago. My friend Poodles (Desert dirt diva) and I lived next door to each other way out in the mojave desert. We hadn't known each other long but were well on our way to becoming great friends.

My boys were 6 ,8 and 10 . Poodles only had one kid back then ,a daughter Wendi ,8 years old.

Between our houses was an old half fallen down shack .

One day Poodles and I had just returned from the grocery store.

Right as we're both unloading groceries out of the car ,Wendi comes running out of this shack. All of a sudden she begins shreiking ,and screaming .

Apparently she had just stepped on a nail. Me, being an experienced "boy mom" carry on unloading my groceries. Stepping on a nail is no big deal ,right? It's not like it was poking out the top of her foot or anything.

Meanwhile ,Poodles (girl mom) Drops everything and panics like it's the end of the world.

A little while later she comes to my door all mad as a wet hen because "I " did not find it panic worthy. I stop her in the middle of her tirade and say " wait a minute I will go call an ambulance right now!"

(Sarcasm, just part of my charm)

This was our first fight as freinds. Poodles now has 5 kids (including twins) and I hope that I trained her well to "keep calm and carry on" :)

Wendi is now a boy mom. I hope she has given up shreiking and screaming. :)

(Love you guys)


Val from has given me this wonderful friendship award. Thanks Val! Here are the rules that accompany this little award:

First, you post about your award, advising who gave it to you and create a link back to their blog.

Then you list five things that make you happy.

Last, pass along this award to five bloggers who make you smile.

Five (more) things that make me happy:

  1. Walking 10 feet out my front door to my big white chariot and being able to go any place I want.
  2. My dryer baby!
  3. Being out in the boat with Nickelback on the stereo.
  4. going out to eat
  5. The fact that I’ll be reunited with these things in 5 more weeks !

I shall pass this along to.,my real life little sister.And a great writer in case you're not familiar with her blog.,My real life BFF. A terrible speller with dial up.LOL The kindest hearted BFF ever!,My other little sister .I've known her since she was 3 . She's a grandma now and an inspirational go getter of a gal., He's a goat herder who spends all his time on facebook.My bloggy brutha' whom I hope to meet in real life some day cuz he's totally my homey.,Skeletor is everyone's friend. He's the epitome of a happy go lucky dog in spite of his tragic past.

Of course this means some of you (Audrey and Bradley) will have to update your flippen' blogs.


Comments to comments :

Mary said...

I am a BOY mom, too, and can identify with everything in your post. Our "really biggie" was when the boys decided to build a tree platform on the edge of a swamp. One dropped a hatchet from about 20 feet up and it hit another on top of the head. They had an Army surplus first aid kit with them. Kid climbed down and sewed up the damage caused by the hatchet. Result: Infection, big time $$$, and other sundry complications.

NOTE: Most women survive being a BOY mom but not without developing a couple of "ticks" along the way.

Mary ,I didn’t know that you were a boy mom. You still retain such femininity. Aren’t your grandkids all boys too? Lol

I think my kids would have been to wimpy to stitch up each others heads with no pain killer .That’s a good one. How old were they when that happened?


BloggerSOUL said...

OMG -- this is THE best video you have EVER produced ! i loved every second of it-- and the song too. of course.

Thank you.

they age me, in fact just last night i realized that wes will be 30 this year. good lawd. i was just a pup when he came along-- and in the earlier shots of him in the video- i remembered-- i was his temporary mamma, and also telling kids at school that he was MINE. hmmmm. thank God i was there tho-- gran gran -- oh man. that poor baby wouldn't have made it out alive if he were to solely depend on her. -- remember i had to get out of school on a hardship-- to take care of him?

She is speaking of when I was in Army boot camp. My oldest son was 14 months old and stayed with her and out mom.(Gran gran)

and you did a fantastic job with these boys--- no one else on this planet coulda done what you did under the circumstances to make them the wonderful young men that they are today.

Awww. Thank you :)


Bloggermidwesttomidlands said...

You should be proud. So many accidents that you all survived. It was hard to read ( thinking of the pain) but also amazing you all made it through and it sounds like in a good way. Having your computer on the blink then is just a small glitch:)Take care!

Being a boy mom will toughen you up pretty early on. Lol


BloggerWesley said...

Nice post ma. Love you too!
A shame you can't go to the keys. You can Kim can share a pity pot.

Some day I WILL get to go to the KEYS! Maybe next year :)


Bloggerdesert dirt diva said...

soul could not have said it better....I too remebers things these wonderful boys have done...and yes they all have have grown into fine young men!Pat yourself on the back deserve to. jumper cables on the pee-pee...priceless....and wes is gonna be 30? shocking! ..I love ya call me...

Thanks poops. Can you guess which kid put the jumper cables on his wee wee?

AnonymousAnonymous said...

I can still remember when Wes was born .... I was thirty. I told my co-workers, when I was growing up all my great aunts were OLD. I didn't feel old! But, Mother was right at 40 when I was born. So, her siblings WERE old when I was growing up! Aj

Holy crap, does that mean you’re 60? LOL


BloggerBlissed-Out Grandma said...

Wow, you went through a lot of boy drama! Clearly, my four brothers just never tried hard enough! One broken arm, some chicken pox...very mundane!

LOL ,My kids did everything in a big way. When they had chicken pox they also had a nice raging case of head lice at the same time. It was awesome. (NOT!)

Kalli P. said :

Lena, you should have your own TV show, that was hilarious!

Thanks J

My daughter in law said:

P.S your last blog is my favorite of all times!!! haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Glad you liked it honey J

BloggerBrad said...

Who was on the phone?

I get some odd/obscene phone calls occasionally - Sounded like some she-male with a glandular problem.


Very funny smart ass. lol


BloggerWesley said...

It sounds like you were planning on eatin curry for 5 days whether or not he was there?

NO! If he’d been home all week I would have been cooking something different each night. I’d have frozen the curry.


BloggerGolden To Silver Val said...

Oh no you don't! I see you tryin' to sneak out the back way without taking the award I gave you. You're my buddy and in my circle of TAKE it...dammnit! Bwhahahahahaha If you don't take it, I'll haunt you...I KNOW where you live. (well, kinda anyway). Anyhow....PLEEEEEEASE accept it....and pass it on. Hardly no work...only have to do FIVE things!!!!! And this time you don't have to dance naked on the roof of a Studebaker. I loved the remark about eating the cake and hiding the evidence. I have soooooo been down that road many times. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

I’m on that today! Thanks for the award Val.


BloggerSOUL said...

isn't that cake hard as a rock by now? :)) wish i was there for it on day one. looks yummay-

No. the damn thing is still moist and delicious!


AnonymousAnonymous said...

If someone asks for Mr. Smocha, you tell them he cannot come to the phone right now - you don't tell the ax murderer that your hub is out of the country! I posted yesterday on your Boy Mom blog about the cat vid - cat was trying to bury that empty plate in a pretend litter box. I wondered what had been for dinner that the cat treated like cat poop and wanted to bury it. Now I know - curry. Gahhh!! First time I ate a curry dish was in Jimmy's Restaurant in Hong Kong, China. I never went near curry again for 20 years. Now I kinda like it - but that first time I burped up curry for 2 weeks. G5

Hey G5 ,your post on the other one did not show up.

The guy on the phone had told me who he was. lol

O’Rielly tries to bury anything that does not belong. He likes to keep things clean.

I think I’m curried out for quite some time now. Hopefully it won’t take me 20 years to get over it. :)

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Luv me


Smocha said...

Hmmm. Two of my comments didn't show up.
To Brad 's phone call comment I said "very funny smart ass. "

And Soul "No the damn cake is still moist and delicious!"

SOUL said...

GIMMEE ! and freeze some asap-- too good to waste !

ps-- go hijack my adoption pending pic of MY dog ! now!

she's mine -- i am ready -- financially and otherwise.

do me a favor and price flights-- altho -- we are discussing pickin her up-- i am gonna schedule a shot in my back soon tho-- i could barely walk today :(( a drive like that will surly cripple me :((

and dangit - i must be in good shape for our vacation in june to TN. that's a combo friend and anniversary vacation. if i am in pain it will suck severely.

otherwise-- no worries.
luv me

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will be 60 in a couple of weeks! I use to think that was old...Not anymore! aj

desert dirt diva said...

yes and 5 kids later....I did call an abulance once when wendi cut herself and blood was squirting everywhere....i was panicked....they kinda laugh i explained it was her main artery her forward i now have a total of 5 kids...4 girls 1 if the fat cells aren`t showing suck it up....felt bad tho when lynzie slide down my mom`s driveway....her knee was all bloody and swollen...but i never paid attentin to her arm...when i noticed it was really swollen ,took her in 2 days later yep it was broke....but man her knees looked worse..i felt really bad....but once again if this had been wendi she would of had a full body scan...i was a young mom 19 with wendi and 37 when i had the dramatization stop ....and the calling of the abulance for every little scrap!.thanks poo poo you did show me allott all in a good way...NOW CALL ME DAMNIT...

Anonymous said...

Also on my Boy Mom comment that didn't show up, I said it was amazing your 3 grew up with all their organs intact, but you did a great job, they are amazing young men and kudos to you. My mom was also a Boy Mom (3 sons) and when I would come in the kitchen door from outside all bleeding down my leg or arm she would always say, "Get back on the porch so you don't bleed on the floor.". Every time. Boy Moms have to be tuff.That vid of O'Reilly trying to bury that dinner plate is a classic. ROFLMAO. You need to send it in to "Funniest Videos" and win $10,000. G5