Thursday, April 1, 2010

A look inside my flea brain.......

Hi ya'll ,

I 'm going to do a Soulstyle post and just babble about whatever is on my mind. :)

I'm pretty excited about our trip to Amsterdam next weekend .We'll be driving through parts of England, France,Belgium and the Netherlands. We'll also be crossing the channel on either a ferry or in the Euro tunnel. Who knows what photo ops may be on the journey.I am a little concerned......errr horrified at the thought of my spouse driving all that way. I told him yesterday "I wish I had some xanax to get me through your lovely driving."

I don't know what we'll do once we get there. We are going to visit a friend of hubbys and his wife. So I imagine they may have their own plans on where to go and what to see.Will we see the red light district? A pot filled coffee house? The canals? Windmills? I have no idea. It will be a big surprise.

I have never met the people so I don't even know which clothes to pack. Will we go out at night like grown ups? Surely. Will they make me smoke outside in the freezing cold? Probably :(

Will I have a chance to go to a thrift store over there? I doubt it :)

I'm also going wacko over what to do about the cats when I go home . At first the plan was they would be staying here with hubby. Well he just travels too much and I can't really bear the thought of being home for 4 or 5 months with out them either.The cat lady would come but she doesn't stay and spend time with them . She just feeds them,does their litter and leaves.They are just too spoiled to be so isolated from people for that long.

My spouse said he refuses to let the cats take 2 flights (one from London to Chicago and a connecting flight to Little rock ). Meaning ,I would have to drive all the way home from Chicago. What to do?? What to do??? Gah!
Then of course my flight back here would have to be rescheduled because cats can't fly in August. Ack!

A friend sent me an email saying : Aren’t you honored to have been there for “one of Britain’s coldest winters in decades?”

You know I am just thrilled. It has been awful. The last few days we've had gale force winds and constant rain. The other day at the bus stop a woman came up to me and talked my ear off. (This is unusual here) She was British and said this was the worst winter she could remember in 25 years.
How lucky for me. lol

Thankfully ,I was able to understand her. I think depending on where in England they're from ,there are many different accents here. I think it has something to do with the speed of the speech.The fast talking accent ,I stand there like an idiot ,nodding. Then think to myself " I did not understand a word they just said."

In spite of the wind ,yesterday Hubby dropped me off in Portsmouth for some shopping. I got these shoes (I know my sister will just LOVE them)

They're cheapies. But America won't know that . Shhhhhh.

I also got a spring top and some really cute black cargo capris . (come on SPRING!)

I need a list . I keep having these worries like " what if my hubby has to move while I'm gone?" I can just see him getting rid of all the stuff I want to keep and hanging on to crap that doesn't fit me etc...

I need to pack all MY stuff before I leave. Should I take anything home? Like a huge empty suitcase ,so I can bring it back full?Why do I know that I can't accomplish a damn thing without a list ,yet forget to make myself a list?
Note to self: make list

Do you ever feel like some guy is checking you out and then you remember that you're old? Then you have to wonder..."hmm, do I have food on my face? Bird doo in my hair? What's he lookin' at?"

I've been eating a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch nearly every day .It's nearly time for my fancy lunch now.My dahlink' is home for the rest of the week. He's been downloading tv shows for 2 days. Meaning he's got 2 laptops running downstairs(one for tv and he's working on the other) which is making MY computer barely functional.Please make it stop!

My spell check has quit working. Ignore my typos. Have a great day peeps! I'm off to take a shower, eat my sandwich and do my chores. Exciting ,I know.


Golden To Silver Val said...

I would rent a car in Chicago, pack up my cats and drive home to Little Rock. If you feel that you'll be too tired for that, maybe your son could meet you in Chicago and help drive south. But I would definitely be bringing my cats home with me. It would be absolutely heartbreaking for you if they held a grudge against you for leaving them for so long and wanted nothing to do with you when you got back. Cats are funny like you know.
Hey...maybe Vickie could meet you in Chicago....??? You two would have a blast on the road with two cats. LOLOLOLOLOL

midwesttomidlands said...

That's a lot of info and fun reading! First have fun on your trip will be looking for your trip report and photos when you get back. I'm sure you will have some fun ones. Please include one with those new shoes on, would like to see them modeled! and if you take them off to tiptoe through the tulips take a shot of that too! and where does your husband download tv shows from? Are they US tv shows? Well have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love to see all those places! Take alot of pictures. When you get back you could down load them to snapfish and buy alot @ 9 cents each. Then you could scrapbook them while you're home! Those shoes look like you; I'd love them also if I were younger! aj

Anonymous said...

well have a good trip....sounds like alott of fun....And here i think its april fools day so those shoes are a joke...right then i think noway...she is the only lady who has kitty maryjanes or something kinda kitty shoes! there no joke......let us know where you wear them too.... have a great ya

vickis cruising threw said...

well have a good trip....sounds like alott of fun....And here i think its april fools day so those shoes are a joke...right then i think noway...she is the only lady who has kitty maryjanes or something kinda kitty shoes! there no joke......let us know where you wear them too.... have a great ya

Mary said...

I'm really excited about your trip. I wish we had the opportunity and the ability to make a trip like that. I'll be happy to wait for the pictures.

If I were you, I'd come home prepared to have the option of taking a lot of spices and other staples (that you can't get in England) back with you. As for the cats, I couldn't leave them either. They'll be seasoned travelers and won't be stressed by the flight.

Mary said...

P.S. I think the shoes are neat!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes and so different! Yes, bring the cats. Layover in Chicago a day to rest up and get un-jet lagged, then drive it cats and all. They will love you for it. Amsterdam! Wow! Lucky you. The Red Light district is unique - go see it -but do like me: Look but do not buy. (Yes,the girls will take on girls, whatever the customer desires). Go see the Anne Frank house and go to Bols tavern. Bols brandy was named after the tavern and not vice versa. Might be the beginning of tulip time in the Netherlands - so get on the web and do some research so you know where to stop on the way to Amster. Take a lot of pics so we can see. Stop at Delft to see the pottery factory and get some Edam cheese in Edam. G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

Looking forward to pictures. :-)

SOUL said...

don't even think about takin the cats outta that country for one second !
i was checkin prices to fly the dog out here -- just yesterday-- and it said NO cats are allowed to fly INTO the UK. you better look at that -- regardless.

love you