Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh no he didn't .....

Well we're off to Amsterdam.

Remember me saying that I've never met the people we're going to see?

I just asked my husband " Do I look ok? "

What do you think he said ?

Ready for it?

"You look the same as always."

Now that my ego is all stoked up .....I'm out'a here.

Wish me luck :)

Se ya'll on the flipside.


Mary said...

It's better than "You'll do." These workaholic computer geeks are really into compliments. Right?

Anonymous said...

so now I konw why you are ignoring me.....good excuse...phew....anyways.some of the "fashion"show looks like how the kids dress here..but pink hair pink shirt manly man,hmm thats a first.....have a great trip! enjoy..sounds like its gonna be no more links....?

vicki said...

pss...annomous is me vicki above

Anonymous said...

After being married for as long as I have, when my wife asks me,"Does this dress make me look fat?" I know to never, ever answer her "yes". If I do, she won't eat for 2 weeks. When Scott answered you that way, as all men do, they do not realize you are asking him for his opinion on what you are wearing and how you look in it. He is looking at your hair, face, makeup, eyes, etc and they say, Yeah, yeah - you look OK. Men just don't think about clothes because it's not a big deal. G5

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SOUL said...

ok.. they like you modew n me. boo hoo.
congrats -- go do that.

aside from that-- i came to let ya know that yes you can ! can what? cover up your tat. yes maam.. go see what i did to mine. my depressing black rose i have had for almost or more than 20 years. it is no more-- now it is brand new- bright- and beautiful.. also very painful. but now i can say i luff it. it has a new meaning. a new look. and it aint black, and dark, and poorly done, no mo.

also-- my child wants to spend christmas break-- or part of it with YOU -- yup in london. or wherever it is that you reside-- she doesn't want you to be kidless for yet another christmas-- and she wants to see the culture-- and SHOP til she drops with her aunt sissy-- so. yeh we must discuss this-- and find the cheapest way to make zis happen :)

love me

Wesley said...

call me. need info.
love you!