Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beam us out Scotty........

What a bunch of hooey.

My husband left here last Wednesday for a one day trip. He packed clothing for a one day trip. He did not bring a coat.

As of right now, he remains trapped in Sweden. The news keeps saying ferries and trains are running extra trips ect... What they don't say is, it's impossible to get through to any of them by phone or their websites.

I have no idea when or how he is going to get home.

I am supposed to leave for the US in 6 days. No idea if I'll be going anywhere either.

On the bright side ,at least he's not trapped in an airport with no luggage and a bunch of little kids. Some people are really suffering .

The whole thing is just maddening.

Yesterday I was going absolutely stir crazy so I took the bus to Fareham. Glad I did because I hit the jackpot at the thrift shop.

I got 6 new shirts .......

and a 45 pound pair of River Island jeans .......

and I paid a whopping 24 pounds for all of it. SCORE!

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Jamie said...

I loved every second of this video..I want to visit there, someday.

Hope this week is great! Hugs.. :)

Thanks Jamie. Due to the damn ash cloud this week has not gone as planned :(

Anonymous said...

Loved the video! I'm surprised hubby let you post his pictures! You look absolutely beautiful! Coat looks very nice! I liked the dog. The picture of bikes all grouped up, how could a person ever get his own out of that jumble! Aj

Thanks. Naturally, I think I look hideous. I had to force myself not to delete the pics of me. They pass bikes down through generations. Some of those bikes are 50 years old. I don’t know how anyone would find theirs in that mess.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these beautiful pictures. I feel almost like I was there! I agree, you look amazing....but I still love you as a blonde. LOL, I'm still shaking my head over the sidewalk urinals!! Is there something to wash hands with afterwards? Hmmmmm, I thought not. LOL

Ditto the blonde thing. LOL Actually ,NO there is no where to wash hands after using the urinals. I guess men were just going right out in the street (obviously not washing hands then either) so they put urinals right out in public. Very odd.

Vicki says said...

again dahlink you must post me the you tube site so i can go see the video.. but it sounded like you had a great time....yea! glad to hear it.....dave said they even have hash bars....or something like that....love me

I believe you mean the “coffee shops” which are pot smoking bars. No alcohol in them OR cigarette smoking .

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. The pictures are wonderful. Sidewalk urnials would be shocking in the states. Like Val, I wonder about washing hands.

I'm happy that you had a weekend with compatable real live people. Everyone looks happy. That makes me feel good for you.

Thanks Mary. It was a really nice trip. We need to do things like that more often !

Corie said...

LOVEing the chocolate penis's on display. What great pictures all around. Thanks for sharing! I want to go now too!!! I'm so glad you got out of the house and had an adventure.

ps....you look fab!

Thanks. You can not tell in the pictures but they also had chocolate boobs ,butts and vaginas.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Thanks for all of em. I meant to tell you about the coffee houses. Go in and have a cup, breathe deeply, you don't even need a joint. The air is thick with it. Chocolate penises? What do you do with it if you buy one - suck on it like a popsicle? On the street? Dutch horses look amazingly like American horses. You didn't stay in Amster love enuf to do it justice - so you will just have to go back. G5

LoL G5 . I did not see anyone eating them out in the streets. Yeah, I wish we could have stayed longer.

SOUL said...

ok. admittedly, i am jealous. how often do i say that? phft.
i am happy for you tho-- it does look like y'all had a really good time, and it would have been great to have an extra day or two.

i must say tho-- a few of those pix are quite disturbing. i don't think i need to tell you which of them i find to be such?

I know exactly which pics you are referring to. Isn’t that the grossest thing you’ve ever seen? Those were postcards. Can you imagine getting THAT in the mail?

Tina... said...

Tell me you got me a chocolate penis. And you didn't take photos of the skanky girls? Omg, out of that giant post all I got was penises and skanky girls...I need some love.

They won’t allow you to take pics of the hookers. I wish now that I had bought some of those damn penis’s .LOL I just don’t know how I would have got them home without melting .

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I've been following Skelly's progress for a while and saw your post. I just popped over to tell you that you raised a terrific son! Wesley's kind heart is an inspiration!

Now, off to read your post and meet you... looks like a wonderful trip!

Thank you! He is terrific , if I do say so myself :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hubblespacepaws! Aj

Thanks. Be sure and check out the latest on Skeletor .

Just unbelievable what bad shape he was in.


Sandy said...

Nice job on the video!! Love the photos. Holland is on my to visit list....not this year but maybe next. Wish I could drive there!

I would go in the spring time !

Golden To Silver Val said...

Boy I bet you'll be glad to bring the kitties home!! (not to mention bringing YOU home too). Planes, Trains and Automobiles is my very favorite movie of all time. I bet I've watched it 20 times and it always makes me laugh out loud. The part where he's driving on the expressway at night and almost wrecks....their fingers making dents in the dashboard ...OMG...that whole scenario...I'm laughing right now thinking about it. Why can't they make good comedies like that nowadays. Good stuff!! I'm so glad you finally got to see it. LOLOLOLOL (THOSE AREN'T PILLOWS).

At this point ,no telling if MY flight will even be going. Ack! That was a great movie. I don’t usually buy dvd’s but I’m gonna buy that one . Hysterical :)

Anonymous said...

When will you get deposit back? Will hubby not keep apartment? Talking about funny movies, Cousin Vinny is my all time favorite.... the attorney that stutters cracks me up every time I watch it! You're coming back to beautiful weather! Aj

I was just meaning when ever it is that we move to a city. Because I refuse to spend another winter out in the flippen’ suburbs!

Wesley said...

"Planes, trains and automobiles"

That is a great movie. I miss john candy!

So do I . What a tragedy.


Hope you're all having a great week and aren't stranded some place :)
If you are stranded by the ash please ...tell us your story .


Wesley said...

Stephen Colbert had a nice wise crack about the ash cloud last night:

"Jet's can't fly through the smoke, because their turbines suck in bits of volcanic glass and rock. It's like the airplane is smoking a cigarette, only with less glass and rock."


Anonymous said...

The news says the volcano air is starting to clear, so in 6 days you should be able to fly. Hope the same is true for the cats when it is their turn. Hub could go down to the ferry office and buy a ticket to Copenhagen. Ride another ferry to Germany. Rent a car and drive to Calais. Take the ferry to Dover and ride a bus home. By that time all the smoke would have prolly cleared. G5

Anonymous said...

Damn, now I'm worried about yo husband and I don't even know him...keep us updated.

SOUL said...

crap! i forgot what i was gonna say. i am soo tired. lack of sleep last night. ummm. hmmm. no idea. maybe it'll come to me later.
oh-- the postcards! no i couldn't imagine-- i couldn't really imagine it making it all the way thru the -american- mail system. ugh. i'm such a prude. :))
luv me

Vanessa Rogers said...

I LOVE a great bargain. I live for bargains. Good for you!