Friday, April 2, 2010

More than you ever cared to know about me....

Hi ya'll ,

I stole this meme from Tina over at

Big Cute Beach Girl , check her's out too. That girl is seriously funny.

This is going to be one LONGGG weekend. Everything is closed and hubby is still hogging up all the band width. (?)

** When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

I look just like I did when I was 12 in this dark bathroom (the light broke a few months ago)

** How much cash do you have on you?

15 pounds

** What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?

Whore :)

** Favorite planet?


**Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?

There’s only one person on there, my spouse

** Do you label yourself?

Crazy cat lady

** Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing?

None .I’m wearing some ratty lookin’ white socks

** What were you doing at midnight last night?

Sleeping like an old lady. Duh.

** What did your last text message you received on your cell say?

Probably some junk mail from my cell phone company

** What's a word that you say a lot?


** Last furry thing you touched?-


** How many drugs have you done in the last three days?

Thyroid pills,Alli and Effexor

** Your worst enemy?

Myself. I don’t have any enemies.

** What is your current desktop picture?

A picture of my kids

** What was the last thing you said to someone?

The dining room light is burned out (to my spouse)

** If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?

Show me the money baby!You think I want to fly around out in the wind? Um ,NO!

** Do you like someone?

Yeah lots of some ones

** The last song you listened to?

All the single ladies (on the news)

** Where did you live in 1987?

Either Colorado or Arkansas …I can’t even remember

** Are you jealous of anyone?


** Is anyone jealous of you?

I seriously doubt it

** Where were you when 9/11 happened? –I was at home when the first plane hit. My son called me and he had heard it on the radio. I went in to work that day and they had planned a belated surprise party for my getting married that summer. There were roses on my desk and everything. Well that little party quickly went to hell in a hand bag. Instead, we all stood glued to a fuzzy little black and white TV.

** What do you do when vending machines steal your money?

Get enraged. Especially if I was really hungry or thirsty

** Do you consider yourself kind?

Yes I do .Some people may not get my sense of humor though.

** If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?

Right over the top of the ugly one I currently have on my shoulder.

** Would you move for the person you loved?

Do you see where I am? I guess that’s a yes.

** Are you touchy feely?

No but I can hug people occasionally

** What’s your life motto?

Nothing’s free and nothing’s fair. So don’t expect it to be.

And This too shall pass.

** Name three things that you have on you at all times?

Cigarettes, cell phone, reading glasses

** What’s your favorite town/city?


** What was the last thing you paid for with cash?

Bus fare

** Can you change the oil on a car?

NO! I suppose if my life depended on it I would figure it out.

** Your first love: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?

My first love is no longer among the living.

** How far back do you know about your ancestry?

Probably 5 generations back

** The last time you dressed fancy, what did you wear and why did you dress fancy?

I wore a long taupe dress that was too flippen tight, at my sons wedding. I couldn’t wait to get that thing off .I changed for the reception into a less miserable dress.

** Does anything hurt on your body right now?

Surprisingly no. But my hands are freezing and numb.

** Have you been burned by love?


** Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?

Gross, no! I never heard of doing such a thing.

** What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you’ve

My spouse, he’s 9 years older than me. He hates my music.

** Were you popular in high school?

If by popular, you mean all the pot heads were the only people that were nice to me then, yeah .I was always the new kid. No one even knew who I was.We moved about every 3 or 4 months.

** Have you ever been on a blind date?

Yes, about a thousand years ago.

** Do you have any friends that you've known for 10 years or more??

A few.If I've kept them that long it means I really love them :)

** By what age would you like to be married?

Too late .Been married most of my adult life.

** Does the number of people a person's slept with affect your view of them?

It doesn’t usually come up. not, unless I was going to sleep with them. Otherwise I couldn’t care less. Well, that's not true, I may give them a lecture. LOL

** When you eat out, are you a good tipper?

Yes .Ex waitress , I usually pre-bus my own table too.

** What's the most you have spent for a haircut?

About 35 bucks.They always ruin it no matter what the cost.

** Have you ever peed in public?

Many, many times. I won’t say where .

** What would your last meal be before getting executed?

Chilli con queso, fried potatos, chicken fried steak and gravy ,some fried squash, some fried okra and a crème filled chocolate donut.

** Do you have any phobias? –

Plenty! Heights, bugs, snakes, murderers, burglars, public speaking, fire, overflowing toilets, I could go on all day.

** What are your plans for the future?

The immediate future, I’m going home. I’m going to drive my truck to all the stores and shop ‘til I drop. I’m going out to eat Mexican food. I’m going to bask in the sun.

** Do you walk around the house naked?-

Hell no! That’s a sight even I can’t handle.

** Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Either would be awful but I guess I’d go with deaf.

** Do you have any special talents?

Unless you count cat whisperer, then no.

** What do you do as soon as you walk in the house?

Put down my stuff and remove coat,hat,scarf and gloves. Usually while cussing about having to wear coat,hat,scarf and gloves.

** Do you like horror or comedy?


** If you weren't straight, what person of the same sex would you date?

Can’t think of one chick I would date.

** If you could date any celebrity past or present, who would it be?

Dennis Quaid

** What did you dream last night?

I can’t remember but I woke up talking in my sleep.

** What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

White Russian. But they’re too fattening.

** Have you ever or are you in love?

Yeah I guess that’s the technical term.

** Do you sing in the shower? –

No but I talk to myself or cats

** Would you ever get plastic surgery?

In a heart beat. Who wants to pay for it?

Happy Friday Peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

All day to get your puter to post and you have a computer geek under your roof? Hmmmm. We are all waiting for a pic of your ugly tatoo - you keep mentioning it but never show it. Also a pic of the new shoes on your feets. 81 here today. Fish Farmer taking his boat out every day now to farm the fish. Not much luck but fun trying, I guess. I must try that.
Also in Amsterdam, take the canal tour on the sightseeing boat - they have plastic see-thru roofs. Really great and worth it. Narrated in English. G5

Anonymous said...

You lived in Colorado too? You really need to write a book. Your grandchildren will thank you. G5

Anonymous said...

u did grat...

SOUL said...

this is good-- i woulda done it -- but i have done it before-- good stuff
is the weather gonna change soon? i hope so!
love me