Thursday, April 8, 2010

A heat wave and a fashion show....

We had a heat wave today .Woot!

It must have been 60 degrees. The people on the street were out in droves, dressed like it was the height of summer.

We leave for Amsterdam in the morning and I have a million things to do (besides cook dinner) ALSO..... if you were expecting me to call you, our vonage phone is out of order. Sorry. My spouse is still working (it's nearly 7 p.m. so I doubt if he'll be fixing it until we get back from our trip.

so with out further ado.......presenting Fashions from the streets of Fareham, England

(remember click on the pics to make them big)

Pink shirt, pink hair and skinney jeans....Yes, it's a dude.

Busy town

Look at the cute helmet on the cop

Spikes are cool man

Spring Is slowly a' springin'

Have a great weekend ya'll !

I hope our trip is good. I've already overpacked beacuse I have no idea what clothes to bring.

I shall return with tons of pics.

luv me


Golden To Silver Val said...

Have fun and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and show us many pics. Wow! Those clothing pics looked like Saturday at Wal-Mart. Jorts with black leotard? Ugly. Heat wave at 60 degrees? You poor, freezing thing. It is like 80 here and nice. Please give us a full report on Amsterdam. G5

Jamie said...

Have LOTS of fun! :)

Tina... said...

Okay, the leggings with the daisy dukes on top is some crap they do here in Lebanon, Tn.
I don't live in redneck Lebanon but my stepson does and we counted 36 of these little outfits at a Friday night football game. Wtf? That is so ugly together...