Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh jetlag,you're obscuring the beauty....

I’m home!

Wow does this place look beautiful! I had the best flights EVER too. Unfortunately for you guys, they were also the most uneventful. On my long haul flight. I had 2 seats all to myself, the bathroom was just 2 rows ahead of me and the stewardess winked at me and gave me two free drinks and said “ it’s on me.”

The (only) good thing about being a little shrimp is you’re able to curl up like a fetus and actually fit on 2 airplane seats for a nice, real sleep. I read some, watched “ The proposal “ which I had seen before, but it was still good. The only bad thing about my entire flight was …..naturally ,I chose the wrong food. They said “Pasta or beef stroganoff” I thought beef stroganoff, you know with noodles. mmmm. Nope. I got rice with some sliced beef gristle. I wound up making myself a lettuce sandwich.

Then ,an hour and a half before landing we got a “snack” . I was starving by then and what do we get ? A nice little tiny pizza covered with one of my most hated things, mushrooms. Of course I picked the mushrooms off the damn thing and ate it. Not to mention the entire bag of cashews I had eaten during the flight.

Once I got to Chicago, my youngest son was there to meet me for a 2 hour visit. I was shocked to see that it was only 47 degrees in Chicago. BRRR!! My next flight was from Chicago to Little rock. One of those dinky 3 seats across planes. We had a male steward and he also gave me a free drink. LOL I must have looked broke or something.

I finished the book I was reading and was landing in Little Rock before I knew it.

By the time I got my luggage my girlfriends were there to pick me up.

I jokingly told them “I’ve been drinking since noon ,your time.”

Then of course we had to happy hour together once we got to my house. They stayed until about 8:30 and I immediately went to bed. I was afraid I would sleep half the day after being up for about 26 hours (less my fetus nap) but nope, I was wide awake at 4:00 this morning.

I managed to scrounge up some coffee and sweet and low ,but no creamer any where in the house .I had to use a frozen diet chocolate pop for creamer. I had given away all the food before I left .It was sooooo nice to see my house. Everything looks so huge . LOL the dishwasher, the sinks ,just everything.

I had to go cancel our mail forwarding, go to jiffy lube and the grocery store. I was afraid I would have forgotten how to drive after not driving for 7 months. Luckily ,that wasn’t the case. Boy was it nice to see my truck too!

The cable man was here when I returned from those errands. That took forever and my vonage phone is still not working. But I have the internets and cable. So I’m good right now. I’ll worry about the phone when I’m not so tired.

My house has mouse poop all over the place ! It looks like they’ve been having a field day in here while I was gone.

I have a million things to do …..and I’m tired. Soooooo tired…….

I honestly can’t even think straight because I’m so tired. Hope I can get regulated back to normal time before I have to drive to Dallas.

Happy whatever day it is :)

To be continued.......


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Glad to read you have made it safely home !
You were treated like a Queen on those flights, and I thought customer service was a thing of the past.
I know your happy to be back in the USA, rest up, and keep us posted what you're getting up to :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I know you must be glad to get back to God's country. Mice? Whatcha need is a couple of cats in the house - those mice will evaporate in a hurry. I betcha you can arrange that. Your truck thanks you for taking it to JiffyLube and I thank you. G5
PS No attendant ever gave me a free drink on a flight. But then - I look like a grumpy old man - but I am not grumpy.

Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm glad you made it home safely. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you made it home...wish I could be there. How long are you staying??

Mary said...

Glad the trip was good. Sleep, relax, enjoy!! Your friends and the good old USA welcome you home.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Welcome Home!!! So glad you made it safely and far as flights go....boring is A GOOD THING! How did the cats do?

Anonymous said...

ditto .... aj

Tina... said...

Okay, no fooling one of my ringtones on my cell is Sandra Bullock and Betty White singing 'Get Low' around that campfire.....I laugh everytime someone calls me. And maybe you have coaster stuck to your butt which is why everyone was throwing drinks at you. I'm just saying...