Thursday, March 18, 2010

This camera is stuck to my eye.....

Jane over at the gorgeous blog midwesttomidlands kindly gave me this Happy 101 award. Thank you Jane! I am honored :)

Here are the rules:

1. When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award onto 10 other bloggers and inform the winners.


1. Being a spoiled housewife with a responsible husband makes me happy.

My life has not always been so worry free.

2. My kids make me happy , they're awesome.

We have great times when we're together. They're all smart,talented and decent human beings and they're all grown up baby! THAT makes me happy too.

3. My homies make me happy.We have cackling fun times no matter what we're doing.

(this is only some of them)

You know who you are :)

4. A clean house makes me happy. I grew up with a mother who was the queen of clutter. Then had 3 sons. It was no easy task to have a clean house back in the day.

Now,if I could just train my husband not to be so messy. LOL

5. Shopping makes me happy. Especially at thrift stores. You never know what you'll find and I admit it, I'm cheap. I love the thrill of a bargain.

6. Having a sense of humor makes me happy.

(This was my actual business card at Halloween)

And my Real estate partner. She's still in business if you need a Realtor in Arkansas :)

Even during crappy times.....being able to see the humor always helps .

7. I love animals ,not just my constant companions O'Reilly and Cavuto. I love most of them .
Mainly the furry variety.

Seeing a deer , cows or a wild bunny thrills me!

8. I love reading a book I can't bear to put down.

9. Being some place warm and tropical makes me happy!

10. Photography makes me happy. I usually always have a camera with me. Unfortunately, I rarely have willing subjects that are not cats.
(sorry I think I got a few crappy ones in there) ANDDD the stupid movie is on here twice. Ignore the second one :)

Now the hard part. Which bloggers shall I give the award to???
Hmmmmm.... I guess I will go with blogs that make me happy!


Comments to comments :

Heather said...

flipin heck, that hospital sounds awful! i hope you ribs feels better soon, i can't believe how much you have to pay!

That would be our local “surgery” . I can’t believe what we have to pay either. It sickens me.

Bloggermidwesttomidlands said...

Yes the NHS is not like the clinics in the USA, one extreme to another. I know what you mean though, and hope your ribs are better. Wow didn't know you had to pay for yours, that's a lot of moola. As far as Stavanger, that's where my ancestors came from, not a cave though!!

LOL I hope they didn’t come from a cave. Small world. I had never heard of the place until last week.

BloggerMary said...

The clinic- - yuck!!! Stay well.

Enjoyed the pics as I always do. The caves look secure but I'd hate to go to work there every day.

I hate to say it, but my husband is not the greatest photographer. Shhhhh

BloggerA Brit in Tennessee said...

I remember paying for my National Health stamp out of my wages, but didn't pay attention to it being that expensive, wow !
I hope that clinic was just a bad example of the National Health, there are clinics poorly run in the States too, it all depends on the staff's standards.
Couldn't work in any cave, I have this fear about being closed in...
kudos to your husband for being able to tolerate that kind of work.
Get yourself a Wall's Ice Cream with a Cadbury's flake...that should make ammends.

I could not imagine being in that place every day. My hubby only had to go examine the place. Then write a big report about it.The idea of being under ground creeps me out.

AnonymousAnonymous said...

You gave a perfect description of socialized medicine. Our Dem congress is trying to vote it in here so we can experience the same joy you did. I still think you need an xray and keep going back till you get one. The cave is neat but humidity in there may be way too high for a data center. Would cost a fortune to install enuf A/C to dry out all that cave. G5

Anyone who thinks of voting for it better think long and hard!

I imagine they have a/c’s and all that in place there. Or the cost was figured into hub’s report.

BloggerTina... said...

great now i'm itchy all over, so thank you for that.

LOL you’re just jealous because my life is so ritzy.

BloggerBrad said...

It always the same for the IT guys - always get stuck in a basement or closet or hole somewhere, but now a cave? that's a new one on me!

Can you imagine?

BloggerBrad said...

Duck eggs are blue? News to me! - looks good - We just moved out of our bedroom to remodel - I was thinking a simular blue. We'll see what's left to paint after Jay's done taking walls out. My 3 bedroom house is becoming a 2 bedroom house. Good thing I plan dying there cuz with that & the goats my resale value is in the toilet. Ha-ha-happy St Paddy's day.

Duck egg blue is very popular right now. Lot’s of accents are available in that color as well. Curtains, rugs, towels, you name it!

You’re right ,having only 2 bedrooms WOULD make your house harder to sell. What is the actual point of having those goats? Do you sell them? Use ‘em for lawn mowers? Make cheese? Lol what ?

BloggerNocturnal Queen said...



AnonymousAnonymous said...

Brad, a friend of mine did just that. After the death of her parents, she was an only child, she planned to move into their house. They took one bedroom and had the bathroom enlarged using about a third of bedroom. Then they took the rest of the bedroom and had it made into BIG closet. You can always use alot of closet space! Lena's aunt Janice

See above :)

AnonymousAnonymous said...

ps .... love the blue! aj

BloggerMary said...

Love the blue. Good job!!

Thanks! It is a HUGE improvement if I do say so myself :)

Blogger midwesttomidlands said...

Oh sure go back to Arkansas and sit on the dock and go boating and leave the rest of us here:) Great improvement on the loo. Now I have a Happiness Award for you over at my blog, so please come and pick it up and share your 10 happy things!
Cheers! jane

Thanks again Jane! I can't wait to go home to the sun and the boat :)


It's taken me nearly all day to do this post.Blogger wouldn't behave for me to say something about the bloggers I gave the award to. Sorry guys.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

grrrreat job! I love all your pics. You and Soul be funny!


midwesttomidlands said...

Great list, thank you, you are welcome, and everything else! I thought about putting in a clean house and shopping too. Have a great weekend!!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the shout out! You are sweet.

Love the cat with his tiny pets.

SOUL said...

oh hey- just so ya know? yep - i'm ok today. survived and everything.
happy friday -- or perhaps saturday-
bed time for me

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you so much for the award. That was so sweet of you to think of me. I have passed it on. Keep smilin'....spring is here (believe it or not). Love the color of the bathroom too. Good Job!!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Thanks soooo much for the award!! That makes me so happy! I love your blog as well, it is always witty, and I love seeing pictures of your funny cats. ;)

SOUL said...

i didn't watch the video last time-- that's good. i like that song too.
am i sposed to know who that kid is? the model lookin guy? is he related- or is he evas?

anyhow- good job-
good happy list

happy sunday to ya
luv me

vickis cruising threw said...

oh man i would be finding myself a new the duck egg color...couldn`t see the video..and i love the peeps picture but ya need to update.....hmm i believe i covered everything! ya..

Anonymous said...

So, something makes you happy but this blog is just one big parade of self pity.

You have an opportunity that thousands of people would love and what have you actively done to make the most of it? Not much by reading all this.

I guess you are near the coast? London must be less than two hours away I figure? how are you involving youself in the community?

You have to get out there and grab this stuff while you can.

Anonymous said...

Boy! I did NOT write that! I wonder who did? aj

ps: time to update since thursday

Smocha said...

Dear Anonymous, or is that Mary Sunshine?

First of all, this is my personal blog about MY life. Some days are great, some are crap. If you landed here and didn’t like it, all you had to do was leave.

Instead, you chose to spend a whole minute and a half on my blog and then felt qualified to judge me. Wow, you must be gifted.
I’m a little gifted myself.

FYI, I am not near anything. Nor do I have a car. I have 2 buses out of here a day, which people who do read my blog are aware of. I don’t really have a community either. You obviously know nothing about me.

So, here’s where my gift comes in. Here’s what I gleaned about YOU from your unnecessary nasty gram .

First of all, you must be cowardly since you chose to criticize me anonymously. Surely you are a pillar of the community, probably done mostly so you can pat yourself on the back. I must also assume that you are a petty, judgemental narcissist with no sense of humour and no concept of sarcasm.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, if you’d like to leave your name. Otherwise don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

no i am not anonymous.i am Vicki... said...

mary sunshime my ass! wtf thinks they can write there crap on this a chicken s%^& there crap and leave no don`t no my friend..and all the things she has done in life...if you don`t like what she says stay the heck off it....and mary sunshine if that is her should pull the clouds out of her ass...sorry smocha, it makes me mad to have someone judge you when they don`t even no u...I am proud to say your my BEST FRIEND,and people have no right to judge anyone or what they say!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey toots....stop by my place and pick up an award I've given you. I hope you accept the Circle of Friends Award and pass it along. You know you know that, don't you? Keep smilin' babe.

desert dirt diva said...

update dahlink.....