Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ugly be gone!


Nothing says Spring like duck egg blue !

My hideous bathroom

and I DO mean hideous!

I couldn't take one more day of those ugly , stained walls.

Damn, needs two coats.

Ta da!

Now I need some art.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Ya'll !


Brad said...

Duck eggs are blue? News to me! - looks good - We just moved out of our bedroom to remodel - I was thinking a simular blue. We'll see what's left to paint after Jay's done taking walls out. My 3 bedroom house is becoming a 2 bedroom house. Good thing I plan dying there cuz with that & the goats my resale value is in the toilet. Ha-ha-happy St Paddy's day.

Nocturnal Queen said...


Anonymous said...

Brad, a friend of mine did just that. After the death of her parents, she was an only child, she planned to move into their house. They took one bedroom and had the bathroom enlarged using about a third of bedroom. Then they took the rest of the bedroom and had it made into BIG closet. You can always use alot of closet space! Lena's aunt janice

Anonymous said...

ps .... love the blue! aj

Mary said...

Love the blue. Good job!!

Jamie said...

I love the blue, too.

And I am so excited that you are going home for the summer!

Happy TH day. Hugs. :)

midwesttomidlands said...

Oh sure go back to Arkansas and sit on the dock and go boating and leave the rest of us here:) Great improvement on the loo. Now I have a Happiness Award for you over at my blog, so please come and pick it up and share your 10 happy things!
Cheers! jane

Sandy said...

Good job. It looks beautious.