Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You expect me to lay on THAT?

Hi ya'll,

Remember back in December ,I thought I had broken a rib coughing. According to the Internet (ha ha) a broken rib should feel just fine in 6 weeks. Here it is March, mine does not feel fine. It still bothers me,especially while I'm trying to sleep. No big deal, I make myself an appointment with the good old NHS doctor. It's free . Right?

Well, it's free for some people . It's not at all free for us .They deduct over 800 pounds a month,from hubby's pay for our health care. (That's pounds....not US dollars) This is MORE than we paid in the US! I digress.

Ok, yesterday was my appointment. Hubby dropped me off in town on his way to work ,then I took a bus and walked to my appointment.

No nurse involved what so ever. No " get on the scale" ,blood pressure check....none of that. Here's what actually happened. The doctor himself came out to the waiting room and called my name. We'll call him Dr. Geezer.
Dr. Geezer is about 75 years old and has a nice coating of white scum all around his mouth.

He leads me to the exam room .

Which looks something like this .....except the blue chair has a white track down the middle of it that looks just like someone sat down with a naked butt crack full of baby powder and the exam table is still covered with torn, USED paper from the man that just left .I kid you not.

The first thing Dr. Geezer does is tell me "the computers are down."

I tell him I don't think I need the computer. I tell him my problem. He has me first, stand there and pull my shirt up and squeezes my ribs. Then he actually says to me " lay down on the table."

I look over at that dirty ,used paper and shudder. I finally go over and roll down a clean layer of paper myself ,and lay down. (I'm feeling totally skeeved out)

He smashes my ribs some more,thumps on 'em like a melon and says " well, it's probably just still healing. Your ribs are squishy, so that's good."

No chest ex ray. No nothing. What a damn waste of my freaking time!

I am NOT impressed with the NHS!





My husband went to Stavenger ,Norway last week to evaluate these caves for suitability as a Data center.They used to make missiles or something in there. (damn my lousy memory, I can't remember exactly what he told me)Anyhow, can you imagine having to work inside caves every day? It scares me just seeing the pictures.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!


Heather said...

flipin heck, that hospital sounds awful! i hope you ribs feels better soon, i can't believe how much you have to pay!

midwesttomidlands said...

Yes the NHS is not like the clinics in the USA, one extreme to another. I know what you mean though, and hope your ribs are better. Wow didn't know you had to pay for yours, that's a lot of moola. As far as Stavanger, that's where my ancestors came from, not a cave though!!

Mary said...

The clinic- - yuck!!! Stay well.

Enjoyed the pics as I always do. The caves look secure but I'd hate to go to work there every day.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I remember paying for my National Health stamp out of my wages, but didn't pay attention to it being that expensive, wow !
I hope that clinic was just a bad example of the National Health, there are clinics poorly run in the States too, it all depends on the staff's standards.
Couldn't work in any cave, I have this fear about being closed in...
kudos to your husband for being able to tolerate that kind of work.
Get yourself a Wall's Ice Cream with a Cadbury's flake...that should make ammends.

Anonymous said...

You gave a perfect description of socialized medicine. Our Dem congress is trying to vote it in here so we can experience the same joy you did. I still think you need an xray and keep going back till you get one. The cave is neat but humidity in there may be way too high for a data center. Would cost a fortune to install enuf A/C to dry out all that cave. G5

Tina... said...

great now i'm itchy all over, so thank you for that.

Brad said...

It always the same for the IT guys - always get stuck in a basement or closet or hole somewhere, but now a cave? that's a new one on me!

Anonymous said...

There's no way in the works that your husband pays 800 pounds per month for the NHS. Just no way.

Sandy said...

Yeah, NHS, just what Obama is trying to shove down our throats over here!

Hope you're feeling better soon.