Sunday, March 14, 2010

Karma's a bitch ,baby.

It's Mothers day here in the UK!

Which explains why I woke up yesterday thinking about me dear ole mum.

Let's take a trip down memory lane ,shall we.

Picture it, around 1972, Palmdale, California. My mom had rented a house there and was getting ready to marry hubby number 3. This particular hubby was Dr.Skanlon, The OB-GYN who had delivered my brother and I, years earlier. (I have no idea how THAT happened. My OB doc is usually someone I never want to lay eyes on)

The house we rented had a playhouse in the backyard, left by some former tenant. All the back yards were separated by concrete block fences. On this Saturday my cousin John and his dad Floyd had come over. John, my sister, Soul and I were playing in the backyard. John was a year older than me but a huge, tall kid. Him and I were walking on the top of the concrete wall .John jumped from the wall onto the roof of the playhouse and crashed right though the roof, (possibly made of chipboard) landing inside on the floor. Probably with the intention of laughing at him, I climbed onto the roof, stared down through the gaping hole and promptly fell in, myself.

As soon as I landed I knew that I had just broken my arm. I began wailing and shrieking .Ran into the house and told my mom " I just broke my arm."

My mother replied “Oh you did no such thing."

I KNEW it was broken and she just thought I was being a drama queen.

As she tried to get me to quit bawling, I flung myself down on my bed and my arm turned around backwards. My mother still refused to believe my arm was broken.

I kept crying and pretty soon Mom, Floyd, John, Soul and I all loaded into the car. We were supposed to be going out to eat.

We drove to some bar-b -q restaurant and I was left in the car bawling, with my broken arm while everyone went inside and ate.

Disgusted that I was still crying, when they came out, I was finally taken to the Emergency room.
My arm was broken in two places.

My mother was none too happy.

It had been planned that Soul and I were to go with her to her wedding, in Vegas,

Thanks to my broken arm, we were instead left out in the sticks with our great, great aunt Etta.(Johns grandma)

While mom was off getting married in Vegas, my arm broke out in bumps. I thought I was allergic to the sling I was wearing. Once my allergy had spread to Souls face it was apparent that we had chicken pox.

Soon after the honeymoon, it was discovered that Dr. Skanlon had negelected to divorce his former wife.

Karmas a bitch baby!

Happy Mothers day peeps!


Jamie said...

Holy crap...with a capital C, even.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd broken your arm but never knew these details! In 1972 I was 22, your brother was 12, you 10? Will's age... boy! What to go thru !! aj

Anonymous said...

OMG! haha! Was that the crappy little house by Courson? I remember jumping off roofs there. But if the guy was a Dr. I dont know why you would have lived in THAT house. Gross. How come your mom didnt just drop you off at my house? Anyway, Happy Mother's day!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Good grief could seriously write a book!! I'd like to read more of your stories from your past. You sure did have some tired out guardian angels I bet! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but by the time I got to the chicken pox, I had to laugh! What a story!

Happy Mother's Day!

from me to you Vicki.. said...

man that is so crappy...Happy Mothers day and you should take some solice in knowing that you are NOTHING like your mom! you are a good mama....the chicken pox thing tho was funny...and isn`t this the time you got that part in that show...but could not do it because of the broken arm and jodie foster did it?....any ways love ya

SOUL said...

yep-- i forgot about that vick-- she had a small part in Gunsmoke-- but the cast on her arm ruined it for her.

poor smocha.

and just so you all know -- i had NO control or knowledge of said broken arm-- i was like in 1st grade -- just a tot--

chicken pox ... yeh that was rich ! :))

love you sis

Anonymous said...

Wow! You seriously need to write a book. Truth is weirder than fiction. So, Dr. Skanlon didn't bother to divorce his other wife? I sure would like to hear how that turned out. Was he a Mormon? Just to let you know - the lake will be up to summer pool by midnight tonight. In the still of the night I can hear a sound coming from your big boat ---- Smocha, Smooocccchhhaaaaaa -- where are you, Smocha. Happy UK mums day. G5

Anonymous said...

i just peed....that was hysterical. do you still talk to your mom? i'm thinking I'd have to kick her to the curb over this incident alone.

A Polka Dot Life said...

That story was both horrible and hysterical! I agree with everyone else - you should write a book.

And I like how Soul made a point of exonerating herself. Hahaha! Too funny.

Smocha said...

@ all of ya’ll,

First of all, No Dr.Skanlon was not Mormon. My brother and I were delivered by him in New York! So obviously my mom and her doc had to be “pretty close” to be getting married some 10 years later in California. WE were never told the details by anyone. It remains a mystery.

I was too young to kick mom to the curb. This story was just a microscopic speck of her rein of terror. Lol

She actually died a few years ago of Alzheimers.

@ Aud. No, this was a pretty nice house. You were like 5 so you weren’t jumping off roofs yet. LOL

SOUL said...

i always heard he had TWO other wives--
and to answer 'someones ' question
for you- sorry-

the marriage was anulled two weeks post wedding, no one was arrested :))

if my senile memory serves me-- they continued to 'date' for a while - but not long.

laters folks
laterz poops