Monday, March 1, 2010

This way to summer ......

Hi y'all ,

I have a thrilling day planned of cleaning out my cabinets and scrubbing toilets. Yeah, sounds fun.

Let's take a virtual trip to summer at my house, shall we?

Hi, Come on in!

Leave your snow boots at the door ,you won't be needing them here.

Ooops, I usually don't want people looking in there but since I miss it so much.....go ahead.

(I love you laundry room!!!)

My kitchen.

Anybody need a snack? Something to drink?

Come on then.

Hey there's Cavuto under the table.

Welcome to my living room!

Follow me on down to the boat.

Get your Dramamine and hop on board.

Ready for a cruise?

(You know it's summer when Smocha has blond hair)

We're off!

Ahhhh, here's our cove. Looks like the partiers are out in full force.

Ahhhh...this is the life.

Oh winter was really gone for a few minutes there, wasn't it?

Happy Monday Peeps!


Wesley said...

Haha, good idea.
Can't wait for spring/summer!
Yesterday at the park, the weather was fine. Now it's freakin' 42 degrees out! brrrr!

SOUL said...

ahhh wes quitchyer cryin-- 42 is a nice day out here lately :))

that was a wonderful trip down a summery lane -- thank you :))

i an sooo havin withdrawals for sun, water, and FISH, i can't stand it !!

anyways-- yes -- really lovin on the post-

good to see you lookin forward to stuff :))

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHH!! Looked relaxing.

Smocha said...

Well, my feelings are a little hurt. Does everyone hate summer? Hate my house? Whaa?

Was it something I said?

love me said...

I love your house...brought back fond memories...waking up in the morning sitting at the table with the window open smoking the forbidden morning cig..having happy hour laying on the kitchen floor(she has the cleanest of floors)..looking at our feet...up on the kitchen forget the very good smellying gardenias...they are the best..right outside your back door.....I have the best of times at your house!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful condo back home. The pics just prove it. Now, if you ever are sittin in that beautiful condo complaining and bitching about anything about it - you will immediately be sent to England where you will live in a shoebox for 9 months. Ha! Distance will make your heart grow fonder and I know it will be good to get back into 98 degree heat here in God's country. G5

Anonymous said...

Yryin to figure out where that last beautiful sunset pic was taken. Was that at the Back Porch Grill? G5

Anonymous said...


midwesttomidlands said...

Not sure where it is, but looks great. A boat ride would be great and love the sunset pic. We have sunshine outside right now, hope you do too.

Sandy said...

Not sure if that made me happy or more depressed.

Anonymous said...

i just gor seasick watchin the video... come to nashville and dance on the bar at coyote uglys....

Brad said...

Wow - that was a fun little fantasy trip - thanks for the ride sister - We really need to catch up real time soon