Sunday, May 30, 2010

I need an I love Lucy marathon about now....

Ola, Ya'll

I'm trying to type with Cavuto sitting right in front of my monitor ,trying to shake hands.

This has been one of those slug days. It started out ok. I got up ,did my chores , took my walk ,went to the store to get ice. (No ice maker since the flood)

My young neighbor just now came up to my window and invited me to play whiffle ball with them tomorrow.

"Umm , thanks but I think I'll pass."

(Yeah, I got a picture of that. LOL)

Anyhow, I had big plans to go out on the boat today. As the day wore on (and I felt lazier ) I thought "oh maybe I'll just go out to the pool."

I just looked out there, there's about 25 people in the pool. Many of which are screaming children. Best of all ,NONE of those damn people LIVE here! They are nightly renters, which were never supposed to be allowed here. UGh! It makes me sooo mad!

Lovely. I guess I shall be doing nothing this afternoon.

I feel like an eating binge. If only I had eating binge fixin's .

Yesterday morning Floozie2 and I went to the Farmers Market .It was the first time I had ever been .I've only been living here for 6 years.

This is what I had in mind to buy once we got there. I was picturing yummy ways to make squash when I have company ,next week.

Who knew they would have stalls of bright ,sparkly jewelry for sale?

I did not buy any squash.I did not buy any produce at all.

All I bought was this cool silver ear cuff.

That old man was a hell of a salesman.

I did take the boat out yesterday.

Being a holiday weekend, it was pretty busy out there. (meaning the water was pretty rough)

I had to stay way out in the "open water" due to my inefficient (ok, totally useless) anchor.

Party cove. (click it)

There were too many boats in there to count. Most of them are tied up to each other.

I am dying to they know each other? Or do people just tie up with strangers?Any boaters out there know the answer?

On the way home I saw our old boat and it's new family.

It was a gorgeous day. It's always a little strange to be out there, alone on a holiday weekend.

Made me miss the family .

Only a few more days until girl week begins.

My sister ,Soul, the great Bass fisher will be coming out as well. She thinks she will be able to teach Vicki and ME how to fish.

I'll believe that when I see it. Us fishing.
Bwa ha ha !


Anonymous said...

I had to pick myself up from off the floor laughing ! I think you'd be a worse fisherman than me! cloudy, thundering but no rain! We need it! aj

Anonymous said...

OK, here's whatcha do. You go over to Dollar General and buy a couple of old fashioned ice trays. Your freezer still works so you can make your own ice and save time and money doing it. And here's another. Purchase a larger anchor for your boat. I have seen your anchor and it's barely adequate for a 12 foot dingy. Jes sayin'. G5

Jamie said...

I want to see pics of the upcoming week with the girls....and especially of you girls fishing! I imagine it would be like ME fishing, which has not happened...because I dont like to touch the damned things.

Have a wonderful time! Hugs. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG!!! This is going to be sooooo much fun! I hope you'll take plenty of videos of your fishing attempts and post them so we all can be part of it too. Ain't nothing better than a girl's night out and guys have a WHOLE WEEK!!! I'll be there with ya in spirit....have a drink or three for me, k?
My parents lived on the water and "water people" are unique in that they are friendly to total strangers who are also on the water....therefore, you're not a stranger for long. I would bet that a lot of those people in the "cove" didn't know each other in the beginning....and I'm sure new ones keep coming in all the time. You and the girls should drop in on them and get acquainted. If they are typical, you'll be treated like they've known you for years!! LOL

SOUL said...

ola-- first off-- yes DO purchase a bigger anchor before i get there -

why? because - second - i WILL teach you how to fish - and you will catch fish --

but-- third - the way i have decided - out of the many ways to bass fish - the easiest way for you gals to do it is to 'drop shot.' i catch many fish that way. it doesn't require casting-reeling-repeating-over and-over. it's very simple. and it works. all ya have to do is find the fish, toss a line, and wait. and we can do that . i've got pretty big fish that way. but yep-- an anchor that works would help. otherwise-- you two would be a mess learning how to use a 'baitcast' reel. so this is the easiest way i have come up with for y'all to learn and catch fish in the short time we have. :))

i felt bad for you feeling lonely on your boat--
but i had to also feel a little throw up in my mouth at the shirtless big guy on your old boat. where is the modesty? only fat black ladies can get away with that kind of self confidence! :))
anyhow-- go speak to me bebe` and see the babies -

love me

Mary said...

Girl's week will be a blast!! I'll have a couple of those drinks - almost anything as long as it isn't beer. Be sure to blog the details and lots of pictures. I'll be living the experience through you girls.