Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Better get some toothpicks to prop your eyes open

Is it summer yet?

It's been rainy and cool ,pretty much since I got home. The boat is still sitting there all covered up. During the week ,it's like a ghost town around here. Dare I say it? I am bored.

Tomorrow a lady from a property management company is coming to look at our house.In the event that we wind up in England for another year,we may decide to rent our place out.
(Fear not neighbors, I do NOT mean the nightly rental type) I mean to one couple or something.
This making two house payments is doing nothing for our bank account.

Meanwhile,back in England......we will be moving out of our suburban apartment.To a city apartment or another city all together. I packed most of my personal stuff before I left and took an inventory of the house ,just in case hubby has to make the move by himself. I don't know why I worry so much. He is a perfectly competent, grown man. lol

Nothing much has been going on. I went out to dinner with Floozie2 the other night. It's really strange to me when I go some where after 5 p.m. ,I'm usually in my pajamas by then. (old lady much) :)

Been shopping and eating and watching lousy movies. I rented 3 movies. All of them sucked!

Crazy on the outside : Picture Tim Allen as a leading man. Awful acting.Awful writing. UGH! Just awful!

All about Steve : Love Sandra Bullock . Hated this movie. It's supposed to be funny. It wasn't .It's real slow and has that horrid music like the movie Juno.

Up in the air: I thought I would like this one because George Clooney is a guy who travels all the time for work. Maybe this one was slow with the Juno music. George Clooney is old. LOL
This one also had terrible writing.

I give up on movies.

I have yet to read a book since I've been home. My attention span is that of a flea.

The other day I had a flat tire. Luckily ,I was at home when it happened. My friend Eva and her son came over with a portable air pump and filled it up so I could rush to the tire place.

It never even crossed my mind that I have a spare tire. (hello!)

The nice man at the tire store fixed my flat and then told me that all my tires are dry rotted and I should get new tires "real soon" .

Awesome. One more expensive ass thing to add to our list. Yee haw!

I tried to go lounge around in the hot tub the other day.

There was one lady and a little boy out by the pool.

Lady is lying there in a lounge chair ,reading a book. Kid is in the pool.

As soon as I get in the hot tub the kid jumps right in there.

Mom just lays there reading her book ,while he jumps around ,throws legos ,talks to himself and splashes me.

Thanks you ignorant twit for helping me on my way to becoming a bitter hag.

Why yes, I am feeling rather bitchy lately.

How does one get unbitchy?

Happy Thursday Peeps!


The Expatresse said...

I, too, was underwhelmed by Up in the Air.

But I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox. And Iron Man 2 was good, silly fun.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Try THE PERFECT GETAWAY if you like murder mysteries. Takes place in Hawaii and the scenery is breathtaking. The movie holds your attention too. Its a good one! I also really liked THE FAMILY THAT PREYS with Kathy Bates and Alfie Woodard. Its what movies USED to be....full of conniving, backstabbing and cheating.....and always that one woman you just LOVE to hate. (usually played by Joan Crawford in the old days) LOLOLOL

desert dirt diva said...

I have not seen an adult movie in I don't know how long....and i have no good ones to bring...only 14 days left.......

SOUL said...

you forgot you had a spare tire? that's senility at its finest ! :))

i'm am so f'n confused about your future plans of life and living. are you trying to make me crazy-er? if so-- you are doin a fine job :((

i had zero desire-- still do- to watch any of the movies you mentioned-- i knew without suffering thru them that they were crap.

a few suggestions? hmmm.. i just drew a blank- but i know that doesn't surprise you- bleh.
oh ya know what you'd like that you think you won't? whip-it. it's really a cute movie. argh. my memory is crap right now-- i'll email ya some we've seen that are good. we watch a lot--- OH-- law abiding citizen ! ave you seen that yet? very good.
well there's a couple- i'll keep thinkin.

anyhow-- get unbitchy--and the unbored will follow- that's how it usually turns out here.

thanks for your sweetness on my blog.
i shall see you soon dahlink-
love me
want a kitteh? :))

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith. An absolutely glorius week coming up - will be 92 on Sunday and 93 on Monday and beautiful the whole week. Crank that boat up - you won't be bored. I recommend The Blind Side - that movie came out when you were across the pond and it is excellent. Maybe you saw it over there. Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for it. The cat pic at the top is great - looks like he is missing some front upper teeth? G5

myomyohi said...

Do some of the things you missed when you were in England.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of o'reilly !