Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!


It's a nice cool,rainy morning here. Two of my children have already called me.
They are scattered about the country. One is spending mothers day helping his mother in law,the other is going to the beach with his girlfriend.The third one will call me some time today.

If we were all in the same town we'd be going out to brunch somewhere. I thought about taking myself out to the bacon buffet but I think it would be kind of embarrassing to go out to eat ,alone, on mothers day.

Guess I'll skip that. My friends in town will be spending the day with their kids. It's just me and the cats today, with no particular plan. I may go see a movie. That I can do alone :)
I'm going to do my nails a trendy shade of jade green ,finish the book I'm reading and just be a laze all day.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Mothers day.

This video is dedicated to my sons. I am thankful and proud to be their mother.


Anonymous said...

You were beautiful! Sweet Ian looks the same now as he did a small child! I never realized Soul was that much taller than you. Very good wedding picture. One picture only you were a stragly young teenager (with your dad). I'll always remember Mike; but you know, when I think of him, I remember him as a small child. Overall, great pictures! aj

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Happy Mudders Day! Love the slideshow. You still look amazing!! This is the first real pic I have seen of you thats recent. You make it seem as tho you look like a Gaga. NOT! Anywhoo, I didnt know Soul was that much taller than you either.And Im glad your home. Today is a very suckee day for me. Im stuck in the boonies and away from family (sound familiar?).
Well, gotta go work. Love Ya! Aud

midwesttomidlands said...

Great pics through the years. Glad you are enjoying being back in the USA.

desert dirt diva said...

ok so I really wishi i could see the slide show but will have to go u tube it on my trusty old the kids live so far... I love ya... what movie did you go see... man only 25 days left and counting the seconds....shall i bring some abosolut? or do u have that in do know what i mean absolut vodka... happy hour here we come!!!!!!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

You haven't changed a bit!
I was surprised to see how much more taller than you Brenda has become!
I envy you, you have come so far, and aged so well.

Love, your friend...Ment.

Smocha said...

Thanks guys! I hope you all had a great mothers day ,even if you were far from your chillun's .

I was a lazy slug all day! I finished my book and was in pajamas by 4 p.m.
I talked to all the kids on the phone and begged for recent pictures. We'll see if anyone delivers :)

Yes, my little sister has been taller than me since she was about 14. I am the runt of the family. I'm like 5'2 ,she used to be 5'8.
(she's shrunk a little from her bad back)

Speaking of her, update your blog woman!

Happy Monday!

SOUL said...

yep-- sorry to disappoint you folks -- i was 5'8 many moons ago -- my back and neck and legs betrayed me at age 24 - so at last measurement -- dare i say it? shy of 5'5.

so anyhow-- yep loved the video- happy the boys called- but also sorry you were alone. that's never fun. well for some. i prolly wouldn't have minded -- too much.


is your boat back home yet?


oh -- ps-- i survived the shots-- but not expecting any miracles :(( pray for one tho k/

SOUL said...

MENT -- haha 'brenda has become? tat pic was taken when i was like 23 or 24 ish :)) i'm a lil shrimp now.