Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot ,sweaty and moldy too!

Picture it, yesterday Eva and I had a boat detailing job to do. When I originally looked at the boat ,I was only able to see the inside by lifting up the cover. I was by myself and there was no way to remove and replace the cover with one person.

I try to clean boats at the crack of dawn. You know, before it gets up to 95 degrees. No such luck on this one. We had to wait until Eva got off work. So we get to the site, it's 2 in the afternoon and a nice sweltering 95 degrees out.

We had a ton of stuff to get down to the boat and it was a long way to get there.

(see professional diagram) LOL
click it.

Lucky for us a nice man saw Eva in her bikini and offered to help us carry our stuff down there.

I get the boat lowered and we try to turn on the radio, then the shop vac. No power. We try every other outlet on the dock. No power. Eva goes (up the 2 flights of stairs) and asks the nice man "How do we get power on the dock?"

"I don't know ,it usually just works. "

We're screwed without power. Finally after we stand around looking stupid for a few minutes ,I notice the reset button on the power outlet. "Try pushing that button Eva. "

The radio blares to life. Good lord ,we're stupid. Yes, it is a wonder they allow us loose out in public :)

We're already sweating like pigs and we haven't even done any work yet. First thing we do is remove the filthy and humongous boat cover. It is not the snap on variety, it's tied on ,TIGHTLY.
We struggle and struggle to get the damn thing off and then we get our first good look at the inside of the boat.

OMG! We can not believe our eyes as we take in the mold covered scene before us.

The pictures do not convey how bad it really was.

And the carpet looked as if a murder took place .

Yeah, right there.

Oh boy. We thought we were gonna die. I have never heard Eva complain so much .

Nor do I think I have ever sweat so much.
I didn't even know that my eyes could sweat.

After much body breaking work...............

Ta da!

By the time we were finished we were so exhausted ,I was determined to make it back to the truck in ONE trip.

We could barely make it up all the stairs ,carrying all that crap.

Damn , we should have charged WAY more money!


Only a few more days until "Girl week" . Woo hoo!! I can't wait.

This year we will be joined by a special guest ,

Puffin, the traveling pig.

You can read about her here, over at Big Cute Beach Girl.


What's everyone's big plans for the holiday weekend?

Mine is to roast myself out in the water .

Happy Friday peeps!


Wesley said...

Before I even saw how dirty the boat was, I could have told you to CHARGE MORE!!!

I seriously thought the guy had only paid half.

Don't sell yourself short!!!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I read the blog but still can't figure out -- is it a joke or will you adopt her for the week? aj

Smocha said...

Yeah Wes, Live and learn .UGH!

AJ, The pig goes on vacations with people and poses in exotic locales. Tina is mailing me the pig ,for girl week. It's just a fun thing. Then I'll send the pig back and she will mail her off to someone else.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a boat that dirty but y'all did a magnificent job on it. Soon as I uncovered it I would have gone to the nice man and said, sir, this boat is in terrible condition and I will have to double my fee if you want me to get it clean. I do not know how y'all got it so clean. G5
Hmmm Mailing pigs around. Are you off your meds?

SOUL said...

amazing job on the boat-- and i concur-- yup-- you shoulda charged more-- way more-- even on one not as bad-- like a doctor makin house calls-- toss in a service call fee or somethin. geesh. mahvelous dahlink. come clean ours so we can sell the dang thing. :))

that pig thing is most awesome. at first i thought it was a live pig-- had to go check it out before i mad an ass of myself-- very cute and a funny idea. better not lose the thing :O

thanks again for forgettin to mention that I;M comin. :((

love me

Anonymous said...

hey, puffin actually made it to the mailbox yesterday morning cause she rode in my purse for a couple of days in that damn package, she probably can't breathe so well right now....