Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture post

"Oh the horror!"

The boys are back to normal :)

Note to self : Dust this place, man.

"Ahhh, my good ole pimp couch"

Cavuto remembered that he LOVES to go for walks in his stroller. He would not shut up this morning until I took him out. Wonder how many new neighbors saw the crazy cat lady for the first time.

Morning in the 'hood ..............

Have a wonderful day peeps!

I'm off to some good old American yard sales :)


Mary said...

So glad that you and the kitties are home. AHHHH the comforts of home.

SOUL said...

you look soooo good in luuuv :))
welcome home bebe`
enjoy !
love me

Anonymous said...

Wow. If that's your 'hood, then NO WONDER you were so homesick! So glad you're back!