Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random stew

Ola Peeps,

You know how the first day of school, after summers over, you’re so relieved that you just sit there, in a stupor? I still feel that way about being home. I just can’t get out of my stupor. I am accomplishing nothing. I’m like a frekin’ vegetable. I have no routine yet.

Must get motivated.

We just had a cold snap for the last 2 days. It went from 89 one day to about 45 the next. My husband says it’s still freezing in England. My son says it’s still cold in Chicago too. Where is Spring??

The cats are just thrilled to be home. Cavuto is so happy he’s been trying to wake me up since 3 this morning. Crazy knucklehead!


Here are some observations since I’ve been home:

People are so much friendlier here, like store clerks .They says “have a blessed day!”

When you walk toward someone they tip their head ,smile or say “Hi” etc…They don’t drop their head and avoid eye contact.

There are many more obese people here than in England. I saw a woman in Walmart

, buying some fried food, she must have weighed 800 pounds. I am not exaggerating.

My cable here sucks. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss all the shows I got addicted to in England. I’m jonesin’ for my Sons of anarchy!

I miss the walking. Oh shut up. I didn’t mind the walking; I just hated the cold wind. I am quickly going to become a blob if I don’t get some exercise.

In England you did not see any old jalopy cars. There’s plenty of ‘em around here. Also never saw any gangsta cars. Plenty of them here too. Ditto the gansta’s that drive them.

Having a dryer ROCKS!

Having decent radio stations also rocks!

I should have bought some gladiator sandals while I was in England. Yesterday, I tried on a bunch of them .None of them fit because of my scrawny, deformed chicken feet and ankles. Damn it!


The boat is serviced and unwinterized and they will be bringing it back today. Yippee!

They were extremely concerned about being paid the fortune we now owe them. They called me 4 times yesterday. I have to go down this morning and pay them. Geez, what am I gonna do? Carry the boat on my back and run away. They know we don’t even own a trailer for it. People must not be paying their boat bills.

Hopefully I can remember how to drive a boat.

I finally got around to painting my nails that trendy jade green .You should see how it accentuates the old lady veins on my hands. Just stunning. Err..NOT!

My friends all seem to have “gotten a life” while I was gone. Who’d a thunk it. Good thing I’m used to solitude.

I have a big day planned. Make myself a list. Get off my ass. Go pay boat people. Highlight my hair, clean up cat vomit, figure out why the toilet is coming off the floor. Fun stuff like that.

Stroller Cavuto:

Happy Tuesday!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

ok so i am FIRST FIRST FIRST...My goodness
i can`t believe how things are ya gotta keep reminding yourself new country new adventure....look on the internet for them shoes.....look online for the seasons of son of anarchy...i am going to town today i will look for you see if they have anything here.....have fun go enjoy the boat...

Kim said...

I think it is absolutely hilarious that you put your cats in a stroller! I considered getting one to take my cat to the vet, but never did. Thanks for the video!

Nocturnal Queen said...

This entry made me laugh. Cute video. :-)

desert dirt diva said...

oh and i am first yes me vicki... i hate people who are anonymous...specialy since after what happened so it was me who was first..didn't get a chance to look for the son of anarchy..dave was coming home from bakersfield only to leave right away to el centro..next time i am in town

Anonymous said...

So you don't miss the walking, you have my permission to walk to Kroger's for your groceries. Actually, I need to do the same thing. Spring has sprung - it will be 89 tomorrow. No more cold. First time Power Boats winterized my boat the guy wasn't gone 30 mins before Nick (service mgr) called and wanted me to come pay for it. I went over there, looked up Nick and told him if he was going to treat me like a deadbeat, they would never service my boat again. He shut up about it and now I go pay them when it is convenient to do so,but usually within a couple days. G5

Brad said...

Hi Honey!

The boat people (ok, that's funny) are bitchin cuz the have some assh*le like me in the office getting ready to fire thier asses if they don't collect!

Glad to hear my buddy Cav's back to his old tricks!