Saturday, May 15, 2010

I should'a stayed home......

Yesterday I got out early ,ran all my errands and then met Floozie1 for lunch.We went to Cee Cee's cheap ass pizza buffet. Come to find out, it was no longer cheap . Nor did they have the cheesy bread OR the alfredo sauce any more. They got rid of all the good stuff and then jacked up their prices. I shall never go there again! 8 bucks and change to eat a wad of bread.

I really had no place left to go after lunch . So I thought to myself "well, I guess I can lounge around the pool all afternoon and work on my non- exsistant tan."

I arrive home and as I step through the front door I realize that I am standing in a puddle of water. WTF? Oh happy joy, my entire kitchen and entry way are flooded. I search around trying to figure out where the water is coming from. I open the freezer and as water gushes out all over my legs ,I deduce that the ice maker has broken. Water is just pouring out of it.
I restle to move the fridge out away from the wall ,and unplug it. That does nothing to slow the flow of water.I look around for some kind of shut off valve. I do not see one. So ,I try turning off the water under the sink. Nope...water is still pouring out of the fridge.
Finally, like the desperate housewife I am, I do what I usually wind up doing in situations like this.
I call my neighbors .

"Hi Nosey, it's me ,Miss Needy, is your husband home? My kitchen is flooded and I can't figure out how to turn the water off."

She was kind enough to send her husband,G5, right over.
He managed to find the microscopic and camouflaged shut off valve ,right behind the fridge.

Thanks G5!

My the time I got that mess cleaned up I was really ready to relax by the pool.

Like an idiot ,I had forgotten that it was Friday. Meaning all the damn nightly renters were here ,taking over our condo complex. They take the ambiance by the pool from Picture A ,to Picture B.

Scratch THAT idea. (insert cuss words)

I decide that since I'm trapped inside ,I may as well go rent some movies. Well, obviously I haven't been to the movie rental place in about 8 months. When I get there ,I see this huge sign,hand scrawled on the front door.

We have not got any new movies since Avitar.

We will not be getting any new movies ever.

We regret to inform you Movie Gallery will be closing.

We have no new movies.

Insert cuss words. I go ahead an rent 3 non-NEW movies.

The movie place is just a couple red lights away from my house. So ,in the maybe 10 minutes I was gone, what happens?

"Central Avenue was snarled for hours Friday afternoon after a pickup truck towing a large boat reportedly snagged a wire on a utility pole, partially breaking it. Entergy Arkansas Inc. said it was a secondary pole that did not feed residences or businesses, but a traffic signal was affected. The Hot Springs Police Department and Arkansas State Police blocked Central Avenue in front of Olive Garden because of loose utility wires"

This scene was between the movie place and Yep, MY ROAD.

Insert cuss words as I sit in traffic ,about to run out of gas for an hour. (2 f'n blocks from home)

Have a great Saturday Peeps!


Anonymous said...

So, your curse continues ..... Movie Gallery here is closed also. Do you ever rent movies on tv ? aj

SOUL said...

OMG-- it's cuz you are YOU. :)) grin and bare it hunnnny .
yep-- we finally broke down, soon as i heard with netflix you can order movies straight to your tv !!! woo hoo ! (unfortunately, you need some other 'device'.. we use the xbox- but there are other options-- check it out.)
it's like 10 bucks a month- rather than the 30 we been payin blockbuster - and we don't have to leave the house :))
(you can also get em in the mail of course-- fast ).

hope today is a whole lot bettah !
love me.

Of course I am not first,Vicki said...

I CAN`t beleive cee cee is gone to more alfredo....which proably means no more mac and cheese pizza...grrrrrrrrr...

Yes i had netflix...the mail back return policy and it was great...for only 10 bucks......

man only you could have such good luck...when I get there I will bring the change your curse fairy......

Anonymous said...

Dudes, you can rent Netflix on the puter too. resign up and you can watch them RIGHT away! I love Netflix! And I tole you so SOUL.....haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some days it is better to just stay in bed. Nosey saw that big traffic jam also and went around via Files Road. She just wanted to go to Wally World, which is right next door to Movie Gallery. We do have a Blockbuster in town and I will investigate that. I still have my Blockbuster card from Houston, TX. Then, there is Net Flix by mail. Our son uses that all the time. G5