Sunday, May 23, 2010

First time jitters.....

Hi ya'll,

Cavuto was kind enough to wake me up at 5:30 this morning. I would love to know if anyone else has a Bengal that forces them to get up at the crack of dawn. He's the only crackhead I've ever had that has done that with such consistency.

Since I was up so early ,it was the perfect opportunity to go take the covers off the boat and clean it. It's supposed to be 93 degrees today. A great day to take the boat out for the first time this year.
The only problem is, I'm always scared to go out the first time. What if they did something wrong when they "un-winterized " it? What if I forgot how to drive? What if I can't remember how to dock ? What if a rope gets caught in the propeller (again) ? What if someone sees me in a bathing suit?

Every year ,I have to just force myself to go do it. Face the fear.
So, that's my plan for today.

Not much has been going on around here. Ok, actually, absolutely NOTHING has been going on.
Ten more days until my friend Desert Dirt Diva, comes out for "girl week" .She comes out every year from California. We always go on at least one big adventure during girl week. One year we went to a "Big Cat Preserve" and slept in a tree house. We have camped in a yurt and a "rent a camp" ,been to dig crystals and gone to the diamond mine.
This year ,we're going to spend 2 nights in Memphis.If you've got the inside scoop on the best (cheap) things to see and do in Memphis ,please let me know. Good restaurants too.


I'll be back.

Ok, I'm back .It was scary ,especially the docking part and when a giant spider got ON me.

It was beautiful out there!

Hope you all had a great day!


Anonymous said...

Cody, a Maine Coon, 'slaps' me to wake me. But, I usually take Rocky out and go back to bed. I did stay up today at 6a so I could work outside and beat the heat. It DID get hot, though. In Memphis try Rendevous, Peabody, Neely's bbq, Bosco's - good place for lunch, B.B. King's. One time we went up and down Beale street, getting a drink in several places.In Bosco's they'll give you a bunch of beer samples in cute 5 inch tall glasses. I swapped a few.

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats on the boat excursion. I was wondering when you would crank er up and take er out. I lived in Memphis my highschool years but that was long ago. Most recent places I ate there have been Corky's BBQ (classic good) and Charlie O's, also good.On Mud Island downtown they have a scale model of the Mississippi river about 75 yards long - from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico - along with the Memphis Belle, a fully restored WWII B-17 bomber. Both are free. Be sure and hit Beale St and go see Elvis. Also, go to Chickasaw Gardens and go thru the Pink Palace- a former mansion, now an art museum. G5

midwesttomidlands said...

Must go to Graceland if you are going to Memphis. I used to live there-Memphis, not Graceland!-many moons ago. I agree with the others-Beale Street, The Rendevous downtown down an alley, down the stairs for ribs, antiques hanging everywhere, Mud Island too. Go to the Peabody Hotel, check the times if you want to see the ducks march into or out of the fountain. Most of all have fun!!

SOUL said...

ola poops-- well, they all beat me to it-- i was stationed near there back in the day- i never did make the time to see graceland- and of course regret that-- so yep-- do that. remember it's a navy town- so watch out for all the young drunk sailor boys tryin to hit on ya -- bwa hahaha-- beale (?) st- i made time to go there of course-- the cover charges are insane! so i know your cheapness-- good photo ops- but if you plan to scope out the bars etc-- be prepared. they were high back then-- like ten bucks to walk in-- so-- umm, yeh-- i don't think it's your thing. unless ya just wanna walk around and take pics etc. it is good for that. mud island-- if i remember right-- also a cool place-- but again-- party place for the sailors in school etc too.
there's an area out there that was 'off limits' for us -- orange st?? somethin like that-- of course 'we' had to scope it out-- take my advice and don't go around there. -- over 20 years has passed since then-- so i'm sure it's worse than union ave in bksfld by now. ugh. "that's just naastay" :)0
also-- better check weather conditions-- see if memphis was affected by the flooding etc.

anyhow--- you didn't tell em i was goin -- :((

see ya soon.
luv me