Monday, December 27, 2010

the day goes to pot.....

Hi ya'll,

Today was supposed to be "get the hell out of here day" but NOOOOOO.

We have been sick (and still are) and snowed in for days ,andddd every thing has been closed for the last 2 or 3 days.

I go stir crazy on a normal day. This has really been awful.

Christmas eve we wanted to go out to eat. Everything was either booked up and /or closed. We were so sick ,we didn't really care any way.

Christmas day we lazed all day. I cooked a roast (to dried out perfection)

We thought about going to a movie, we were too sick to bother.

We opened our presents around noon and later called all the kids.

That was it.

Most of our prezzies haven't arrived yet. My main gift is a Kindle. Woot! I'm sure I'll love it once it gets here :)

Hubby has watched endless old and /or boring movies. I have laid around in my bed trying to read ,but all the books I have sucked. I just can't read a bad book.

Last evening we finally got off our asses and decided we just HAD to go somewhere, anywhere, even if it was just riding the subway back and forth.

We got off the subway at Kongens Nortov and some how wound up in an area called Nyhavn. It is right along the canal and so far I had never been there.(simply because I hadn't found it)

It was dark and snowy and really beautiful.

All the restaurants were setting up like they expected to be really busy.

We walked along and by "walked" I mean my husband pretty much speed walks and drags me along as fast as my stubby legs can carry me.

So, all the pictures were taken as I ran down the street.

remember 'em to make them big!

We finally stopped at a place called La Sirene.

They had room for us so we stayed for dinner.

It was a little italian place .I really liked it. The atmosphere was nice ,the service was great and the pizza was good too.

(cute lamps)

La Sirene ??

It was SOOOOO nice to get out and do something.

Today ,I packed up all my library books ,took the subway and walked all the way to the library only to find them CLOSED. Gah!

Meaning ...not only was I still bookless, I also had to drag 40 pounds of books around for the rest of the day.

That was fun.

I just got home , my back is killing me and I must say I'm not looking forward to dried out roast for dinner :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to read all about them and see everyone's pictures.

luv me


BigSis said...

I'm a reader too - are you on I love to see what others are reading and what they like.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I wasn't too sure if I was going to like the Kindle I got or not because I dearly LOVE books. I have been pleasantly surprised. I love the convenience of it for one thing....its very easy to eyestrain at all. I downloaded a bunch of free books from says it will hold 3,500 books, would you believe?! Anyway I do love it. Mine is the cheaper wireless one but I doubt I will ever use internet from it. I have downloaded the books via USB through my computer so far and that works just fine for me.
Get well soon you two.

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all finally got out. It sure looks cold there. Posting this from Nashville - we are spending Christmas with son and family. Christmas eve it started to snow and snowed till noon on Christmas - so a white Christmas! Back to Hot Springs on Wed. Get well soon and take vitamin D daily. Make it the D3 version. G5

Mary said...

Hope the two of you are feeling much, much better. As usual, I enjoyed the pics. Thanks for posting them. I had goose bumps at the idea of eating outside in such cold temps. Even a blanket wouldn't lure me out to those tables.

Smocha said...

I never heard of good reads but i'm going to check it out. Can't wait for
my Kindle. the idea really didn't appeal to me ,but everyone seems to love them. we'll see :)

Mary, they have heaters out there but I'm sure it would still be freezing. You'd have to be desperate for a table to eat out there. :)

Jamie said...

My kids got me a Kindle as well --- and seriously, I LOVE IT. I can actually SEE the words. It is so easy to use, even I could figure it out. And the ease...I have to say I am surprised. I thought it would be weird.

Happy New Year, Smocha. I hope you two are all better by now, and things are rolling along your way. Big, happy, healthy, 2011 hugs. :)