Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When good cats go bad.....

Hi ya'll,

The highlight of my day was defrosting the freezer.

My husband just called me to see if I wanted to meet him in Fredericksberg for dinner. I had just gotten home from Fredericksberg about 3 minutes earlier. Gah!

Now we get to have beans and rice. I'm so dissapointed :(

Oh ..well...where was I ?

Oh yeah, every year I try to take a nice Christmas picture of the cats , such as
these :

Apparently it's all about the timing. If the cat's are not in the right mood........this is what I get instead of a lovely cat portrait.

Some day , maybe I'll have grand kids and I won't have to do this any more .

Happy whatever day this is!

Luv me


Mary said...

Maybe kitties were just having a sour day. Later they may shine for you. Whatever, your babies are beautiful.

Honey, I hate to tell you this but---- Grandkids are no walk in the park when it comes to posing for pictures. When they are tiny babies it is easy but soon they learn to move or make faces when the camera points their way.

Anonymous said...

nice picture with the toliet in the background....

Anonymous said...

Whoopee! Cat bloopers. Thanks for letting us see the out takes. Yep, the critters gotta be in the mood for a photo op. G5