Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who's cat are you calling spoiled?

Hi ya'll,

Today ,I should have stayed home and done chores.....such as ironing and laundry. But nooooo....I did not. It was snowing like crazy and I just had the urge to get out of the house.

My hubby was in Finland ,so I took off out in the world today wearing NO makeup.I thought " ah ,who cares, nobody knows me anyway."

So what happens , since I'm out looking like hell ? Naturally ,I hear a woman on the subway speaking English! She was talking on the phone and my plan was to speak to her.Well she would up leaving the subway,never getting off the phone. Damn it! I lost my chance to talk to her.

(click to biggen it)

We live in Orestad.I took the subway all the way to Vanlose to go to the store Jysk. I was looking for colored christmas lights. They had ONE box left.

As you can see, Vanlose is about as far away from home as I can get.

They also have a library there,one thrift store and a nice grocery store. I wound up hauling groceries around all day as well.

A florist. This looked really pretty in the snow.

The countryside ,from the subway.

Also at the florist.

Vanlose, on the main street.

Lady with big baby stroller. Everyone has these. I rarely ever see (or hear) a baby that's awake.

Run like hell ?

Off into the wild blue yonder....

Our homemade Danish stockings. I got these at the flea market. I have no place to hang them.(they are on the fridge)

This is our "Christmas tree" :)

The cat's needed that ladder shelf to get on top of the closets.So we are using it instead of a tree.


I got this little outfit today at the thrift store for 10 kroner. It was doll clothes.O'Reilly would NOT cooperate at all. Cavuto is Mama's good baby.

Crazy cat lady out. Happy humpday guys!


Bonnie said...

Your pictures made me feel silly for complaining about the cold here. Looks beautiful, though!

Nocturnal Queen said...

Nice photos! Love the picture of Cavuto. lol

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures! It seems like you're really learning how to get around there. Good for you! It will be even better in the summer.

Cavuto looks so cute in his little hat. You MUST get him some more outfits! :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you get out and you are brave to interpret the metro and go do your thing. Beautiful snow pics. Please keep them coming. You win the gold star for most unusual Christmas tree, and admire your spirit in making do in a foreign land. Floosie 2 and Lake Farmer need to loan you one of their 19 trees. Cat pic was cute and kewel. G5

Jamie said...

LOVE your tree!

Happy Sunday! :)