Thursday, December 16, 2010

A day out in Copenhagen...

I'm going!

Blizzard from the bus

Christmas trees. Note how small they are?
The better to carry them home :)

This is 3;20 in the afternoon.

The kiddy car bike.

a double!

Toasty people.

Santa in the subway station. i don't know the reason for all the pacifiers.

Oh...I missed his shoes. Comfy? I think not.

Night of the living dead?

I'll be back......I have cookies to make and a blizzard to trudge through.

Happy Saturday!


starsimplified said...

Smocha - These are great pictures! I especially like the one of the bank (neat angle) and the ones in the town. It seems like you're feeling a lot more comfortable here than in your last town. Are you? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

good pictures! I made candy all day yest ! First time, but I made hazel's delicious corn flake balls. they are so good! 650am but I just ate 2 ! aj

Wesley said...

It looks like you're living in a winter wonderland... makes me want to go to colorado damnit.
Call your children.
love ya

Tina... said...

okay, the pacifers is a little phedofilish....