Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The cat whisperer.....

"Let me tell you a really big secret"

Yesterday I went shopping in an area called Amargerbro. To get there, I walk to the Metro ,take a subway to Christianhavn,get off and board another subway and then walk the rest of the way.Too bad all I bought was a kitchen faucet sprayer adaptor. I hope the thing works.

I did take some pictures. When I first left the house I had to wear sunglasses.Soon ,it was back to gray.

(remember,click them to make 'em big)

Snowy tracks

A church with fancy doors

pretty Christmasy, no?

Billions of bikes ,all in a row.

Outside the shopping center (centret)

Accross from the centret.

How would a person even find their own bike?

Outside of the mall by my house. Right accross from there is the metro.

"I will tell NO humans my secret ,so don't even try.Cat's got my tongue."

Ha! You didn't think "I" had a secret ,did you?

Nope, the cats do.

Happy tuesday!

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Mary said...

I love "The Cat Whisperer" picture. It must be hard to shop in the weather you have there. I think that I'd just curl up and shiver. Enjoying the pics.