Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The sick and the beautiful....

Picture it ...2 days ago ,right before I had to trudge my deathly ill self to the store (like a good mother) because the cats were out of food, I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror. No make up, broken out face,sheet marks engraved into my cheeks,swollen red nose, hair a rats nest,eyes swollen half shut.....I comment outloud "Oh my Lord ! I look stunning."

My loving spouse says" yeah ,I was just about to tell you that same thing."

Way to wait until AFTER I went out in public. Errr NOT!

All was forgiven later on ,when I heard him say " I never even knew I could look THIS handsome."

Neither did I Honey, neither did I.

(If I showed you the front of us, trust me ,you would surely go blind)

"I'm glad I always look gorgeous."

Happy whatever day!


BigSis said...

And that would be why the pictures including me get scarcer every year!

Wesley said...

You should change it back to the cat on the laptop. It's the best cat photo of all time!

If you would like, even thought I'm not sick, I'll drink some nyquil so that you can enjoy relief vicariously through our psychic mother-son connection.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a tease! All the talk about how faces look and no pics of faces. Please post the face pics so we can all see. We promise we won't go blind or puke on the keyboard. Merry Christmas! Hope you get better. Take vitamin D in the winter, all winter long. G5

Midwest to Midlands said...

Hope you get well just in time to enjoy Christmas. At least Santa does not have far to go to get to your place:)

SOUL said...

Odalay holmes!
Your face surely can't look any worse than mine. Bleh. Hope you guys are feelin better. I think i haven't felt this sicly in a while. And here i am. Trying to be all talkative and chipper at the B - clans house. Ugh. Kill me now
Merry christmas. :))