Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Take my sick man ...please...I beg of you

We have the dreaded "man cold" again. My spouse has been home sick ,for days.(My suffering knows no bounds) It's sucking the Christmas spirit right out of me.

I wish they had a sick man colony he could go stay at until he's well.

In other news...oh there isn't any.

Here's some pics from Saturday. We both drug our sick selves out to Fredericksberg to some thrift store to look at furniture. Naturally , by the time we got there, they were closed. It's a wonder my husband lived through the trip.

I wish I could show you the picture I took of him at the bus stop . I titled it "Crabby sick man at bus stop"

Click 'em to biggen them :)

Have a great day Peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Does he take a flu shot? He gets sick EVERY year. poor you! aj

Anonymous said...

I love these Christmas shots ..it is so Chritmasy there...sorry your hubby is so sick..

BigSis said...

We have a kitty that looks so much like yours on the left. I must find a picture to share with you!

Anonymous said...

S0rry to hear about sick hub. You and Hub need to take that Vitamin D. Daily. Minimum of 1000 mg, to help your immune system beat back the cold and flu bugs. Take it and be well. Thanks for the great, great pics. I love Denmark! G5