Monday, December 13, 2010

White trash alert!

When I went to Tivoli the other day ,the reason I went was just to go to their famous Christmas market.

So I walked to the train station and took a train to central station.As it turned out there was a big sign saying "Tivoli" right by the exit. Instead of having to walk and find Tivoli ,all I had to do was cross the street and join the huge mob in the line to get in.

The famous Christmas market was not really a Christmas market at all. It was fancy ass stores (which I have already been to) that had set up mini shops in Tivoli.

The prices were unGodly. I would have loved to have one of those fur hats , or some decorations ,maybe some shearling slippers. But ,nope. I was too cheap.

I wound up walking through the place and taking tons of pictures but I did not buy anything at all.

(I will put up more pics tomorrow) I'm running behind on everything trying to get my Christmas cards done.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I left Tivoli I took a train to Norreport ,thinking I could shop around there and then take the Metro home.I wound up walking and walking and guess where I wound up? Right back over by Tivoli!

Around then ,my husband called and asked where I was. He was about to go to Vanlose to Jysk for some stuff.

I was starving by then so I asked him if he wanted to meet me in fredericksberg at this pizza place. Ok.

I have to walk back to central station and take a train back to the metro to get to Fredericksberg. He takes the Metro to Vanlose ,only to find out that jysk is just closing.(at 4 p.m.)

We manage to meet up at the grocery store and walk over to the pizza place. It's early on a Saturday evening. The guy tells us "we can have about an hour and there's no pizza.But I make you some Osso Buco, you will LOVE!"

We had both been craving that pizza for days. But what are we gonna do? Ok, we'll try the Osso Buco.The restaurant is this little tiny place ,with the tables all crammed together. He sits us at a two top, right next to the stone oven and a short wall.

We order our rediculously expensive drinks.They measure the alcohol in such a tiny quantity you have to order a "double" to make it a real drink. Before our food arrives my husband says " I'm tempted to break out our own vodka." (which is in my backback behind my chair.....we had just bought it at the grocery store)
I glance down there and at the short wall. I think I can pull it off with no one seeing me.

I sneak the bottle out and pour some vodka into a glass under the table. We make our own drink on the cheap. White trash alert!

Then the chef proudly delivers our Osso Buco ,himself .

The potatos that come with it are fabulous. My Osso buco.......every bite I try is full of gristle . I have to keep taking it out of my mouth. I can not even eat it.

The chef keeps coming to stand by the short wall ...expectantly watching me ......waiting to see how we LOVE the Osso Buco.

(My husbands was fine, that or HE doesn't have texture issues like I do.)

There is no where to hide the shit either. I have barely chewed Osso Buco on my plate and the pile keeps growing.I have to keep trying the next bite,because the chef keeps standing there. I finally managed to hide some of it under a pile of parsley long enough for my husband to signal the waiter to get those plates out of there.
Thank God our hour was up and we made our escape before the chef questioned me as to why I had so much Osso Buco left on my plate.

Note to all of you : never make me Osso Buco.

Now, who wants to take us out to dinner? :))

Have a great day Peeps!


Jamie said...

"texture issues". LOVE that. I have them too. And what the hell is osso bucco or whatever? It looks awful. I don't think I would be a good traveler or adventurer....I just want my pretzels and chicken and lucky charms. No new weird stuff for me. I am proud of your adventurism!

Happy Monday. :)

Mary said...

I don't think I'd like that dish either. I'm always ready to try new dishes as long as I know the basic ingredients. Cross cut veal shank woldn't be up-there on my Love-It-List. It even sounds tough and stringy. Yuck!

I'm really enjoying your pictures and reading about you adventures in a new land.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, here, just wait a minute. Wait a minute. You are the customer. The chef standing there is the vendor. If he is standing there, you motion him over and tell him you cannot eat that crap and you want another without all the gristle in it. You payin' de money, you gonna get what you want. I love Osso Bucco and if prepared properly there should be no gristle in it. G5