Monday, December 6, 2010

The cat food is too loud....

Hi ya'll,

(wall in Copenhagen)

As you may have noticed,I have gotten into a bit of a blogging slump. You know, I've been fat, depressed, moving and getting used to a new country....bla bla bla..yackity smackity. The reasons don't really matter. What matters is that I want to bust out of my slump and get back to normal.(whatever that is)

So, I have signed up to do Holidailies this year. I may do no more than stick up a picture and call it a post but I WILL be blogging every day from now until Jan.5th.

Holidailies is easy ,free and open to any blogger .More info below if you care to join in the Christmas fun.


About Holidailies

Welcome to the 11th annual Holidailies project, a free community writing project that promotes sharing your writing and other online creative endeavors during the winter holiday season.

Holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their personal web sites daily from Dec. 6 to Jan. 5.


Ok....on with my unslumping.

Last night I woke up at 3 A.M. and I could not go back to sleep.I heard the snow plow guys laughing down on the street,then I heard the snow plows,the metro trains,the side walk snow sweeper,then all got quiet for a second and what do I hear...the extrememly loud sound of a cat chomping dry cat food. I try to sleep...then my skin is too dry,my shirt is tangled,my pant legs are twisted,my pillows too hot. I try some more to go to husband starts snoring, my arm falls asleep,the cat starts drinking out of my water glass. Arrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I give up. It's very difficult to sleep in a small apartment.

That reminds me's a couple of dumb things I've done since I've been in Denmark.

1. We have this intercom thing by our front door ,like on Seinfield. I've never had one before ,didn't know a thing about how it worked.Well when the cable guy had to come (2 days in a row) he rang the buzzer, I answered the little phone,he said "I'm down here."

Moron girl "Ok,I'll be right there to let you in."

I take the elevator down 10 floors and let him in the door,then we have to ride the elevator back up together. I did this several times.At one point he said "can't you open it from up here?"

Duh (I don't know)

Next time he rings the buzzer, I answer the little phone and tell him "Ok,I'm going to push this button ,you tell me if it does anything."

Cable man says " I'm in , it let me in."

(oh shit)

He will probably tell the story about the "stupid American " for the rest of his carreer.

2. The lighting in here is awful. I usually put my makeup on in the entry way mirror.The other day,the entry way light burned out. hubby was gone. I could barely reach the light bulb to remove it.So I try and try ,I finally get the thing unscrewed and oh great, it's some funky lightbulb we don't have. It has a big porecilin part on the bottom of it.

I search and search at the store. No luck. When hubby gets home I give him the "weird" lightbulb and tell him "I could not find one like that at the store."

After he got done shaking his head in disbelief , he informed me that the porecilin part was actually part of the light fixture .I had unscrewed that as well as the bulb.

Thank God I didn't bring the light bulb with me to the store.


See ya tomorrow!


Wesley said...

Good job Carl!!

I've been having similar trouble sleeping/retaining my sanity because Cheese's damn cat is in heat!

I suggested that he get her fixed before this happened damnit!!

I believe she woke me up at least 5 times last night with her awful yowling, moaning, wailing, etc. My earplugs kept falling out.. so I'd have to scramble around the bed to find them each time in order to get back to sleep.

She flings litter out of the box just for kicks (which she is doing right now as a matter of fact.)

That's a bad kitty!!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is here talking to Bo and I'm cackling like a goon reading this!

Mary said...

I'm sorry but I had to laugh. A new house/apartment can throw curves at you - much less what can happen in a new country. I would be as lost as a blind dog in Denmark.

Let me tell you about my adventure with a garbage chute. I was carrying garbage downstairs, through the lobby, around the building to a dumpster that turned out to belong to the store next door! I was too country to know about garbage chutes - I thought it was a nasty laundry chute. No I didn't put clothes down it, but I very well could have. There feel better now?

Brad said...

Hi Sweet-pea!
You make me laugh. I think if the doo-hickey came out of the fixture that easy it was bad to begin with - no shame there. I miss ya tons - so keep posting and I'll keep coming back to stick my nose in your bidness, or what ever else I can find to stick it in.



Anonymous said...

Do not apply for a job as a mechanic or an electrician. O happy day, Smocha is gonna post daily. She is OK and alive and kickin and that is good. As long as the posts are on this site so I don;t have to go to another site. Daily posts this site- good. Let us hear more of your adventure in Denmark. We all are living vicariously thru you. You are our Travelocity and Travel magazine, all wrapped in one. Go out and experience it and tell us about it. G5