Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new years rerun

Hi y'all,

      I am sooo behind on posting and I blame the plague and my spouse . 

 We are finally free of the plague and he's been downloading movies so my computer has been a frozen lump of uselessness for over a week.

I have nothing exciting to post as I am pretty much stuck at home waiting for packages to be delivered.

We are going out to eat this evening WOO HOO!!! I'm stoked about not having to figure out one more way to cook chicken. 

Presenting a rerun :)
This was taken from my New Years post of 2009


I guess I need to face the fact that I haven't gone out on New Years Eve since Jesus was a baby.

So let me see ,here's some stuff that happened in the last decade. (in no particular order) :

I went to : Chicago, Sweden, Florida, Texas, Washington, California, Arkansas, Ohio , England and Denmark.

I camped in a yurt, a tent and a tree house .I spent the night at a "big cat preserve”, went to Disney world, and taught myself how to drive a boat.

My hair was short, extremely long, blond, brown, a mixture of both and became sort of curly after 40 some years of being straight as a stick.
I got braces (finally!) as an old woman. BTW, after I did ....so did 3 or 4 people in my office and they were in their 50's and 60's! I made old and nerdy COOL :)

Some swingers tried to pick up my husband and I , we saw nude swingers on the lake , in Arkansas ! A 19 year old kid hit on me. Geriatric geezers hit on me. I became invisible to men my own age. I gained a lot more wrinkles ,laughing my ass off with my kids and my girlfriends. 

My kids grew up and moved out. I had to adjust to empty nest syndrome. It was pretty tough for the first 2 years. I became comfortable talking to myself and cats (a lot) :)

I had to fly to California to rescue my mother when the police called me and said " You're mother has Alzheimer’s and we have put her up for the week. What do you want to do with her?"
I had to make hard choices about the child she left behind.

I had to put my mother in a nursing home. I had to make the decision to NOT give my mother a feeding tube. I had to feel the wrath and blame of people who did not agree with my decisions, and again, when I was not there the moment she died, at 65.

I have seen that child grow up and become a mother. 

I was shocked several times by other people’s behavior. I grew, I matured, I dealt with and worked on my personal issues and phobias, I learned to like myself more. I learned to eat in restaurants all by myself .I gained and lost and regained about a thousand pounds. I quit smoking twice for "long periods of time" once for 7 months, once for 4 months. I learned (finally) to cut toxic people OUT of my life. Life is too damn short.

My best friend had 3 daughters, got married and became a grandma. She and I spent many wonderful times together even though we live so FAR apart.

I also made many beautiful NEW friends...Hazel, Jeri, Jane, Eva (and of course Nick and G5).

My friend Heidi and I both had hysterectomies. Then I saw her adopt her awesome little girl, Emma from China. She got married too, after I signed her up on match .dom. (We cackled our butts off at my office while we made her profile)
I have seen nearly all my friends become grandmas. 


I have seen my sons grow from boys to men , they are my pride and joy! I saw my baby boy get married to a girl we love. I have learned to try and not be so hysterical when they do dangerous things like wakeboarding, snowboarding, riding a bike, driving, crossing the street.

I have seen my husband work all over the world. I have learned to live aIone,I have learned to be less afraid, and to do man chores.

I have seen him work a zillion hours , flip through a zillion channels, watch a zillion old movies, news shows and (lousy) super hero movies.

I am still proud of him , in spite of all that annoying stuff :)

We have been together 13 years (I think) lol

I have fought and made up with my children,my husband ,my sister and my brother in law.

We have drank barrels of vodka, smoked billions of cigarettes, had millions of laughs ,thousands of heart aches, busshels of doubts and insecurtities, but in the end I can always see that God has been in charge and present in, not just OUR life ,but the lives of everyone we love.

*CHEERS my people! To an even more fabulous 2011!*

I love you guys!

Thanks for all the good wishes for Christmas and the New Year .

Hopefully I can get my awesome fireworks movie to upload SOON.


Jamie said...

A completely awesome post. Happy day. :)

Mary said...

Loved every word.

Golden To Silver Val said...

This post was wonderful!! Amazing how you can sum up 10 years in a few paragraphs, isn't it? The main thing is that you're safe, happy, healthy and have kept your sanity. May God always be in your life and blessing you and yours. Here's to many more good years.

Vicki said...

So this made me cry...but an honor to be apart of it all...we have had some great times haven't we...love ya

Nocturnal Queen said...

I enjoyed this. :-) May 2011 be an awesome year for you!

Anonymous said...

That was a great recap. We all have so much to be thankful for - and your 3 sons are awesome. I still think you oughta write a book - and yes, you are a great writer - this blog post is a perfect example. Very very few people have lived a life as diverse as yours. Here's to the best in 2011 - I have to get used to writing that. G5