Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random stew

  I suggest you get a double mocha ca ca with 2 extra shots or take some NoDoze before you go any further........

     You may have come here looking for a new post and found nuthin' , for the last week or so.

Then you probably got all exasperated and said " Now, what is wrong with that crackhead? Why hasn't she updated?!"

Well, beleive it or not ,I've mostly been stuck at home waiting for stuff to be delivered.Actually my Kindle and cat litter. (that's right ,we have to order cat litter from another country)

The Kindle finally came today! No sign of the cat litter .

So, let me see ....have I done anything lately ????

Saturday,I took the subway to Norreport and just hopped on a random bus to see where it would take me. If I had seen anything exciting I would have gotten off and explored.(I didn't)
The first bus took me all the way to Vanlose. I usually take the subway to get there.
Then I got on another random bus and I wound up out in the suburbs at a big snazzy mall. This mall had 3 grocery stores and a cheese market!

That was the highlight of the last week. All I bought was some groceries and I did not even take any pictures of anything because the bus windows were too dirty .
We've also been having a heatwave.it's been about 40 degrees ,all our snow is melted and everything looks like an ugly mud puddle.

I did spend 3 days last week looking for comfortable shoes.(remember the 500 kroner I found) well all the good boots were twice that amount .
More like 180 US dollars. Eventully ,hubby said go ahead and spend another 500.
So...ta da ......


There they are, my new uglies. There were millions of CUTE boots but I needed some that felt like springs on my feet.
3 days later, I found them at a place by Stroget ,called Havana shoes. They are Bronx (new model) the only one's NOT on sale . (go figure)

Oh yes, it comes back to me now that the changes blogger has made have left me ready to pull my hair out. Every time I have tried to post I have gone berserk and given up because my pictures don't go where I want and neither does the text.Gah!!!!!!

Last night ,we took the subway to Fredericksberg to eat at this Italian place that we like. We got there early like , like 4:15. The guy showed us the reservation log. Totally booked all night.On a freakin' Sunday.
We wound up walking down the street ,first one way and then another, with hubby growing crabbier with every step, searching for another place.

At one point ,I heard the words " I did not plan on walking for miles."

Well, excuse me crabby gale. (you know you work too much during the week when you can't even move on the weekends)

Oh ,but I digress..... eventually we found a place to eat. The atmopsphere was really cool. Very Danish Modern. The place was also EMPTY.

The first waitress could not understand us very well so she sent out another girl. The girl was really young ,part Greek and part Swedish. (She talked just like my friend Vicki's daughter)

Anyhow, she pretty much told us that all the food was crap (for that price) and that she was about to go to New York.

"for how long?"

"until they throw me out!!!!"

Hubby wound up ordering some lamb and potatoes, I (naturally) could not make up my mind ,so I chose the Tapa's special , with double beef and NO salmon.

The beef (as our little girl had told us) was so tough it was inedible. The little piece of Tuna was cold and nearly raw but I ate it anyway.they had some kind of home made bread which was burnt and had the texture of cake. That didn't stop ME from eating it. I also had some raw greens and some cheese. So ,basicly a very expensive salad.

I did NOT bring my camera (for once) because I had a flask of Vodka in my purse.
Yes, after one round of expensive ass drinks ,I was white trashin' it ,under the table.

"umm, yeah...we'll just have a Sprite , a Coke Zero and some ice"

Hubby did take some pictures of the place with his phone ,if we can figure out how to download them......I'll show ya.

BTW, the other day hubby bought these awesome Danish pastries. I ate ONE while he was (thankfully out of town) cuz' that stuff was so loaded with butter it'll make you Alli your pants. (If you don't know what that means, then God bless your skinny ass, you don't WANT to know!)
Note to self: short fat linebackers must NOT eat pastries!

Ummmm...oh yeah, I had to go to my new Danish doctor because I was about to run out of meds. I get to go back Wednesday to hear my blood test results. (and actually SEE the doctor) This entails walking to the train, then walking about a mile. There's a cemetary I have to walk by, so I was dying to take pictures ,it was too snowy. (maybe Wednesday)
There was also a huge (rare) drycleaners, so I got to haul hubbys dry cleaning with me. (get to pick it up Wednesday)

I know...I hope the glamour of my lifestyle isn't making you FALL ASLEEP!!!!!
WAKEUP!!!!! I'm not done yet. This has to be a total purge...like a colon cleanse.

Some of my friends have commented to the effect " you must really like it there, because you never bitch about it ,like you did England."

Surprisingly ,there are many things I miss about England. Really the only reason I don't bitch (constantly) any more is because HERE ...I am not stuck out in the sticks,unable to go any where.

Some things I miss about England :

my lightly breaded Cod from tesco

all the produce ,the cheese, the chicken thighs with no fat on them,the tender baby brussel sprouts,
the quality of the groceries in England is awesome!

I miss the Thai delivery ...oh my curry chicken ..how I love miss you!

The chips.....the perfectly cooked chips from Jacks in Fareham.
(sounds like I'm obsessed with food) lol

My bathtub.Oh how I miss having A tub. Here, I have that hideous shower where the curtain tries to swaddle me as I take a shower.God, how I loathe it!

I miss having 3 (count 'em , 3) bathrooms! Here, after I spent 13 years never farting in front of my spouse.....um...let's just say the mystery is gone.

I miss the carpet. You can't believe how much dust,cat litter and crumbs we (the rest of them ) produce in a day.

I miss being able to buy a magazine and being able to read it.

Ditto with bills,junk mail,catalogs..etc.

I miss (and I can't believe I'm saying this) the TV shows. Here, we have to download whatever we want to watch , the cable sucks ass is mostly in Danish.

I miss the library books ...ALLLL in english.Especially the World war 2 books.The history I have never been able to read before.

I miss my Uk pals I had YET to meet.

(BTW.....as we speak...it is 8 p.m.   here...my spouse is NOT home from work yet. Short fat linebackers should NOT eat dinner at 10 P.m.)

Ok, well you get the point...I really do miss England.

So what do I like about Denmark?

I like the fact that there's a little grocery store RIGHT at the bottom of my building.

I LOVE the fact that I can walk a city block and get on the subway, which will take me to a train, bus , shopping street or Sweden. Pretty much,anywhere I want to go, I CAN go.

I love having a washer,dryer (primative as it may be) full sized dishwasher and some semblance of closets (primative as they may be)

So far ,every person I have spoken to has been very helpful and friendly.

I love the pizza! The thinest yummiest crust ever.

I love the snow. If it's going to be freezing ,it may as well have pretty snow.

Once it gets warmer I'm sure I will love to wander around taking pictures of cool old buildings.

(ok,that's enough love for now) 

it's morning now.Hubby got home as I was writing this and we had to register my Kindle and eat our late dinner of pork chops and sauerkraut. 

I refuse to be stuck here waiting for cat litter all day so I am out of here. I'm off to downtown baby.I'll bring the camera.

Oh yeah, I have some great ,great news but I'm not at liberty to share it yet. So stay tuned :)

                                                    Happy Tuesday peeps!


Jamie said...

Wonderful post. And I love the boots. Happy Tuesday right back 'atcha!

Midwest to Midlands said...

I love how you just rode random buses just to see where they would take you. By the way this was not a good winter to have been in England, but I can see why you would miss it here. Now you tease, what is the great news????

Mary said...

Great news?? You have my attention!!

I didn't find your blog boring. Your experiences are interesting to me. I love the idea of exploring by taking random buses. One never knows what adventure is just around the corner.

Your Kindle should provide you with reading material that you enjoy. I can't believe that you have to order cat litter to be delivered. Do the folks in your corner of the world not keep kitties? How sad if they don't.

Waiting for the news. Don't take long . . we're waiting.

SOUL said...

you do sound good -- even in your loathing. :)) it's good to hear that you do enjoy at least some things your life and surroundings have to offer. we are all waiting for warmer weather here too -- who gets it first? you or US?

anyhow -- i'm THRILLED about the bbig secret !!!! "do tell !"

have some more love hunneh!

love me-and mine

SOUL said...

ps-- i love the boots teeewwwww

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the nice boots.Your blog is never boring. Y'all need to research some good dining places. Can't wait for the big secret. G5

Smocha said...

Thanks ya'll. I took some pictures yesterday after riding some random bus. I'll get them up today (if blogger doesn't drive me insane first!)

Mary, we have a litter robot and like to use "worlds best "cat litter. The Uk is the closest place it's available.

Surely they DO have cats here but I haven't seen any outside. I've seen plenty of dogs though and apparently there's no law about cleaning up after ones dog. If you know what i mean ;)

Am I the only one having issues with blogger???

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you're going to be a grandmama ! It amazes me how you go everywhere. I'd be so scared I wouldn't have the nerve!

Anonymous said...

oops . . . that was me...aj