Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My lucky day ......

Saturday I went to the flea market. By flea market ,I mean mostly "expensive antique market" .

There were so many people there you could barely walk at a normal pace,it was more like a mass shuffle.

It took me all day to see everything.

(actual photo of hoards of people )

I wound up buying 2 little clay pots from Iceland. Here's the kind of merchandise that was on display.

(not my actual photos)

I was not in the market for any of that sort of stuff though. I was more in the market for a butter dish. I did see an old stuffed cat I was rather fond of but I didn't buy it.

The internet told me all about another flea market on Sunday and since my other choice of entertainment was watching boring old movies with my spouse I decided to on the flea market.

I left home on the subway then got on a bus. My directions said "10 stops" ,well they lied. I wound up getting off the bus too soon and walking for miles in the wrong direction. So there I am walking  limping along over some icey railway bridge ,in my painful cheap boots.Just as I am bitching outloud to myself about being cold, my feet hurting, the wind blowing etc.....I spot something colorful out of the corner of my eye.

Sa-weet!!!!!It was a 500 kroner bill ,just lying there on the road! Woo hoo!

(that would be about 90 US dollars)

 After much more freezing,limping and bitching I found the supposed flea market which was now an empty boarded up building.Gah!

I guess the 90 bucks was worth my suffering though. I got home and told hubby "that money is already slated for some comfortable shoes baby!"

Found money is meant to be squandered .That's my motto.


I got a nice little Kindle cover in the mail. Still no sign of the actual Kindle. 

We have been through hell with trying to recieve packages around here. Ughhh! Don't even get me started.

Have a great day peeps!


Anonymous said...

What a mob scene at the first flea. You will be the only person in the whole state of Arkansas to own clay pots from Iceland. Wow! Kewel. The green vase is very attractive. God wanted you to make that cold walk and find that Kroner bill. So spend it on yourself. 4 to 5 inches of snow here shut the whole city down. It snowed all Sun evening and part of Monday. Pretty but cold. Tonight will be down to about 18. Stay warm. G5

desert dirt diva said...

Did I tell you that teddy bear is awesome..and you need it...those flea markets are cool..we need to find some real ones in ark..girls week..

SOUL said...

is that bear a 'steiff' (?) if so how much was it? you know those are very valuable and collectible?

good for you findin the money - i never 'find' nuthin . i did when i was a kid -- i guess that's when all my luck ran out :))

i hate gnomes!!! but i love the pottery --

i gotta go -- gawd i'm busy -- and i can't like it!
love me-

SOUL said...

you could respond ya know .


Smocha said...

Hey, NO that bear was not a steif. just old. I also hate knomes. Most of the Christmas decor here is umm...ugly :)