Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why yes, I am that chicken......

   Ola ya'll ,

             Yesterday I had this brilliant  plan to take myself out for an adventure.I was going to meet 25 strangers for a "photo taking walk" .

It was bitterly cold out,I was tempted to just say "ahh forget it" but i didn't. I took the subway armed with my craptastic canon digital elf camera, then walked over to the round tower.The group was to meet at the famous "round tower" .I got there about 5 minutes early. I was standing off in the background when the "group" showed up. What to my horror do i see?

First of all ,none of the women showed up.....the group was all men and secondly, these guys were armed with professional photo equipment.Bags of equipment,cameras with humongous lenses,one guy even had the white umbrella thingy (thats the technical term)

See photo of group:

Needless to say, I lost the nerve to go up with my crappy little camera and say "oh hi ,yep I'm here to take some pictures." I snuck by them all ,went up into the tower by myself and then took my OWN photo walk.

You saw some of the pictures are the rest. was quite a haul to walk up that tower (picture me panting and weezing here) and once I was out on the viewing platform was windy and FREEZING .

Once is the link about the tower (it's too much info to tell you)

Click 'em to see them full sized :)

You KNOW you want one of these for your man

And these for yourself :)

This is the thrift store (genbrug)

Yes, kick mine while you're at it

wacky passenger bikes

                                   Happy Sunday peeps!


Vicki said...

That speedo thong thingy is a must for dave, and for some reason I like them shoes....weird I know...anyways great pictures.....looks like a good photo op.

starsimplified said...

Good for you for getting out there! I love your pictures, except the monkey over the door kind of creeps me out! :) Take care!

myomyohi said...

Thanks for being adventurous and taking us along. Loved the pics.

Anonymous said...

Loved pics...I even loved the monkey over the door! aj

Mary said...

The pictures are wonderful. I'm enjoying Denmark through your eyes. Your camera may be more simple but your pictures are on par with any.

When I was a little girl I saw the movie "Hans Christian Anderson" starring Danny Kaye. In the movie he sang a song about "Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen - Friendly Old Girl of the Sea." I've never forgotten that song. It lifted me to great heights and made Copenhagen special to me.

Stay well, keep warm and please keep the old camera shutter clicking.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Your pics would have held their own against any of the men's. So next time, join the group and compare your shots afterwards. Your craptastic Canon takes excellent pics. G5