Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your decor is stunning Dah'link....

    Hi y'all,

    You were all right about the curtains, they are hideous. However ,they're also about 10 feet tall and I've decided it wouldn't be worth the cost for me to replace them .For the short time that we will be here ,I've made peace with the fact that those curtains will remain part of the whole "Denmark experience".

Let me see, you guys also said "there's no cats" they were probably napping in the "nursing home" which is what we now call the bathroom. The cat's have discovered that the tile floor in there is heated. O'Reilly would stay in there forever if we'd let him.

You also said "there's no mess" ,well I assure you that was only because hubby wasn't home yet ( you shall see the difference in a moment)

                Let's examine the picture now shall we......
(click it to make it big)

 You're probably asking yoursleves "Why is that bike in the living room?"

We've been too lazy busy to take it to the storage cage.

"What are those wires strung all over the place?"

Even though our apartment is no bigger than a hotel suite, hubby found it imperative that he have home theatre (surround sound).
Yeah, I love it. not only does it look stunning ,the sound of my ears vibrating away as we watch CSI in full blast really rocks my world .

"Oooh ! I hate it when people cover there couch with blankets! WHY would you do such a thing?"

Believe me ,there is nothing that disturbs me more, but when one has 2 cats and a pet hog (and a large security deposit) one does not want light tan couch ruined.

"Why don't you slobs eat at the table?"

Let me show you. The table has become hubbys home office. (and cat resting spot)

Let's examine the details a little closer .......

 This is one of the gorgeous rugs that Mr. landlord left us. (and the beautiful speaker wires)
The reason the rug is all bunched up like that is because O'reilly barfed on it sometime during the night and then tried to bury it .(rug and all)


Well,damn it, this new blogger won't let me type where I want to OR move any of the pictures. So this must conclude our tour of my lovely home. 

Also, our blizzard is back .See the snow going sideways?

Anddd.....that was the UP CLOSE fireworks from New Years eve. It was like nothing I've ever seen! You get the idea. All of Copenhagen was lit up like that. I wish my kids had been here to see it.

                                                break time over......back to work! 

                                                Happy Thursday Peeps!


BigSis said...

I've always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I love the insight in your description. It shows me how unobservant I can be!

Love the cat on the table. Clearly it belongs to him :)

Vicki said...

How funny..I have those same red just donned on me why we get along so well...your miss meticulous and I am miss me your house still looks good with all your should come see my I can't believe your bathroom floors are heated...i just want regular heat..i miss turning on a thermostat! the video too!

Jamie said...

Loved the fireworks....

and I love your little place. It's all part of the adventure that is your life.

Hugs, friend. :)

Brad said...

Be it ever so humble...

You should let your crafty side bust out - a little bit of tule would cover those drapes over nicely, a few dust covers over hub's mess and a cat or two and your done!


SOUL said...

i still think your place is nice. i can work magic in small areas... it's the large areas i have trouble with :((
i have to go back and watch the video-
latah bebe`

SOUL said...

awesome fireworks-- wish we could open our window and see that.
happy new year !

Stefania said...

Did you know your curtains are from IKEA? They've got cheap long curtains too. You can buy online & they're easy to hem (they come with hemming tape). I know what its like to live in a shoe box that's barely standing in a humid,hot and roach,mold, and spider infested the snow doesn't look that intimidating lol....Anyways, I loved the fireworks, how cool is that. --Keep it real, Stefi :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. but I don't like your new Blog. There are very few pictures and the one that are there aren't as interesting as you used to have on your Blog. Oh Well, what do I know.

Anonymous said...

Gahhh!! Go out and buy some kingsize bedsheets and hang them over those drapes. Nice new, red rug. The place looks good and OK size for the two of you. I sure didnt see any fireworks on this blog. ?