Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion on the 'em to see them full sized

Hold me back!

ahhh the puffy coat....and the puffy boots

cute purple boots ...look closely

she actually looks good

Mink is big here

Big suitcases ...ever popular

The "bag lady" look is hot right now.

Those shoes...oh Honey ,not with that outfit.

Big baby strollers are all the rage. Some of them are HUGE .The day I took these pictures I saw a baby stroller left out in the cold with a walkie talkie clipped to it, with the baby left inside!

Somehow,it works on her.

Even little kids have to carry a backpack

More of the "bag lady" look

No one's puffy coat is as puffy as mine!


desert dirt diva said...

I was just looking at your header picture, and it dawns on me, poor o reilly is always left out...he never has a header picture and when he does it is with cavuto.....I mean what if he starts getting a your pictures...

Bri said...

Ahhh dynefrakke... bless. I actually saw Trinny, as in Trinny & Susannah, wear a bottle green one that actually looked good. It was nowhere near as puffy as those on the streets here.. that's probably why it looked good.

Jamie said...

Loved this post and the comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much, Smocha. Also, congrats on the news! Seriously, you are going to have the best time, ever. Big hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

just read soul's blog ... I guessed it! aj