Thursday, January 20, 2011

Picture 'em to see them big.

Saturday 21 December 1985 pm. 04:45, was president of the biker group Bullshit, the 38-year-old anchor Walter Marcus, called chiefs (17 January 1947 - December 21, 1985), shot down and killed at Cafe Nemoland in the Christiania.Two men from the rival biker group Black Sheep (later the Hells Angels), 24-year Bonnesen Ole Nielsen and 23 year old Rene Nøddeskov Ludvigsen, entered the Cafe Nemoland, at that time was still regarded by Bullshit as their territory.Forensic tests showed that the anchor Walter Marcus was hit in the head and upper body of 8 shots from a 9 mm pistol.Ole Bonnesen Nielsen and Rene Nøddeskov Ludvigsen claimed in court that anchor Walter Marcus drew his weapon first, and it was therefore lawful self-defense, they shot and killed him.One of the shots were fired, hitting the 20 year old Christianite Lars Michael Larsen directly in the mouth. He sat at a table in the middle of the room and was killed instantly.The prosecutor called the murder of Anchor Walther Marcus a pure liquidation, while the murder of Michael Lars Larsen was probably an accident.Eastern High Court ruled on 17 October 1986, where both Bonnesen Ole Nielsen and Rene Nøddeskov Ludvigsen was sentenced to 16 years in prison for double murder at anchor Walter Marcus, and the 20 year old Christianite Lars Michael Larsen.They were both released in 1997 after serving 11 years in prison.Anchor Walter Marcus, was on Thursday 9 January 1986 buried in Taarnby Cemetery, beside the former president of the biker group Bullshit, Henning Norbert Knudsen, who was shot and killed Friday the 25th May 1984 by Jørn "Jønke" Nielsen, from the rival biker group Hell's Angels.Rocker Group Bullshit was dissolved in 1988.

Knucklehead buried himself like that.he's in a basket of scarves and gloves.

Free hat !

The cool restaurant with the lousy food.

Scenes from where ever it was when I got off the bus .

A cheap option for a tombstone ,no?

Inside the subway


Smocha said...

Stupid blogger won't let me add any text . So I have to put it here. When I saw the "Bulls*it Mc" graves I thought "military" ,boy was I wrong. As you can see.

Happy Thursday!

Vicki said...

So cool........Hey I like that hat.......interesting history lesson...totally enjoyed it..and how romantic, the water canals....Do you and scott stroll threw them, hand in hand......talking softly....looking into each others eyes at night...

Mary said...

The story about the bikers was interesting. Harry and I both enjoyed reading it. I guess there are rival groups all over the world. It was interesting that the grave stones were in english.

Lena, I enjoy your pictures so very much!! You really have a good eye for photography.

Vicki's comment is great. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Anonymous said...

What great, great pics! You could hire out as photographer, you are so good at composing. Maybe Knucklehead got a little cold? G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

Great pictures. Love the river, statues and the picture of your cat.