Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes, life really CAN be this exciting!

I spent all day spring cleaning my bathrooms.

Cavuto can attest to that.

Unfortunately, that was my entire day.

When one has their children at a young age.....apparently they become an eccentric crazy cat lady ...while waiting for grandchildren.

"I'm tired."

"Let me sleep before I rip your eyes out."

"I SAID I was tired!!"

Wow! spiffy!

"That toilet looks magnificent!"

"This rug smells fresh as a daisy!"

"These corners and baseboards pass my silver paw inspection. You rock !! You should be a grandma!!!"

Note to self: Never in my wildest childhood dreams did I ever think I would be dying to be a grandma at 46 years old. WTF???

"Whew! Thank the Lord, I can't see my naked self in those mirrors!"


Oh yeah and then there's THIS:

333 Posts, last published on Jun 27, 2009 –

It's my 333'rd post!

Who ever comments first gets a book!

Love me


Cavuto is in the bathroom trying to kill a brown centipede "NOT capable of killing a human being" According to Google. Lovely.


Smocha said...

Yes Cavuto is crazy too. And Figaro needs a new home come August.

G5 and Nosey......you guys are the only one's I can trust with him.Please.....hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

me! me! aj

Creative Problem Solver said...

Haha... "Let me sleep or I'll rip your eyes out!"

desert dirt diva said...

so now what your gonna send yourself a book,lol.......they look shiny yes they do!

SOUL: said...

DD-- i was gonna say that :))
or some such thing.
and yes them bathrooms are very twinkly very sparkly.