Saturday, June 13, 2009

May we have some SARS masks please....

Ola y'all,

I tried to post all day yesterday and blogger would not upload anything. UGH!!! I was livid!

What I meant to say was ....picture it ......Schaumburg ,Il. about 7 years ago. My husband was home from Sweden for a week and my BFF "desert dirt diva" (Vicki,Poodles) was there to visit for a week from California.Immediately after they arrived, both of them became sick as dogs.He lay in bed day and night, in misery.She lay in her bed coughing continuously.I became a bitchy hag ,worriying that her coughing was bothering him. He was really so ill he didn't notice or care.
Trust me, it was the funnest vacation EVER for all of us. NOT!

Why do I bring this up, you ask? Well because Poodles is flying out here in a couple days for our "annual fun ass girl week" and yep, you guessed it, she has pneumonia.The dang airline wants MORE than the ticket cost ,to change her flight days. Rediculous! AND now, they want a note from her doctor saying it's ok for her to fly.

Please send me your fun vacation ideas for pneumoia patients.

Note to Poodles: I have your sick ward ready honey!And I won't make you clean ceiling fans this time:)

Love Florence Bitchygale.

It's the curse, I say. :)


Only 2 more months and my babies will be reunited.

I hope they don't hate each other .

Yesterday when I took Cavuto for his walk a lady had her garage door half way open, and what do you suppose I saw in her garage? Two baby deer in a cage!
I am DYING to know the "rest of that story" !


My friend Eva had a real live southern mystery happen the other day.

She had an encounter that was too weird to believe.

Was it a ghost? An angel? A demon? A murderer?

Stay tuned to find out! She's typing it up as a guest post.

Have a great Saturday!

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

I will be well, I will be well, just keep saying this.. and and the sweating of it all, and i must do ceiling fans. its our thing....

Anonymous said...

Some higher power is saying Diva shouldn't hit the road -strikes her with pneumonia each time. Hmmm. The deer moms of both of those baby deer were hit by cars and killed. The peeps in the condo own a summer camp for kids and the mom peep is feeding those fawns with a bottle of cow milk every 4 hours. They are so cute. G5

SOUL: said...

why can't you just lie and get the usual 100.00 fee to change a flight?
wth? that's what they usually charge anyhow--why charge more cuz you're sick? she really shouldn't travel that sick anyhow right now with all the swine flu and crap goin around anyways. i say wait a week or two. better safe than sorry.

is that the real story G-5 -- or just a guess?
maybe they ate mom and dad-- and they are gonna just have bambi and babi-ette STUFFED???

i'm waitin on the ghost-story now--


Smocha said...

She IS coming Tuesday. She's been on IV antibiotics for a week so she is surely on the mend by now AND no longer contagious. So...we will roll with it. I hope that lady will let us hold a baby deer! WOO HOO!!

Anonymous said...

You two always do something fun and exciting. What are your plans this year? aj

desert dirt diva said...

what bambi, what are you all talking about, we get to hold baby deers, i'm so excited.....and yes i'm feeling much better, soul i should of had you call them, cause they were total asses to me!!!