Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow, do I feel old.

27 years ago today ,guess where I was?

That's right ,I was in the hospital having a darling dimple faced baby.

He was the 2 year old who would fix someone’s toilet while we were visiting their house.The 5 year old who set fire to a tree.

Once when he was 5 the school bus dropped him off before I made it home. I was horrified and worried sick. What did I find when I arrived home? He had broken into the house and was sitting at the table ,calmly eating cereal.

He could open a motel door with a credit card by age 6.

He’s the kid who blew up the backyard with a lighter and hairspray.(we all hid behind the couch in the dark ,when the fire department came)

He’s the kid who cut his fingertips off with a meat cleaver. But….he’s also the one who taught himself to sew at 15,and can reupholster a car ,made his girlfriends prom dress once and just taped up the flowers for his brothers wedding and made a train out of a lawn mower.

He does back flips while wake boarding .

He's been making mom a nervous wreck since 1982.

He still makes things and amazes everyone with his creativity.

Check it out: (click on the words)

Crafty Slackers

Happy birthday my adorable boy!

Love mom


Creative Problem Solver said...


desert dirt diva said...

sorry i'm a day late.. happy birthday, you've grown into a fine young man

myomyohi said...

Happy Birthday Ian

Anonymous said...

Happy BD Ian! It is a wonder you lived to see 20 much less 27. What an inquisitive youth you were! Smocha - you have lost a lot of weight since 27 years ago. Gah!! G5

Anonymous said...

He's one person that looks the same now as he did as a young child! Unreal how he has the same little cute face, dimples and all! Happy Birthday! aj

SOUL: said...

great post -- and belated happy birthday ian...

belated even more to logan.

eegads... yes i do feel bad. again. i'm just not the queen of the navy anymore. sorry boys. i still love you. :))

why aren't you postin smocha?
get UP!!
luv me

Unknown Mami said...

Very sweet tribute. Happy birthday, indeed.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I like how you posted such an embarrassing picture of him without pants on! What a great tribute to your son!