Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just checkin' in.....

Ola strangers!

Yes, I know I am wayyyy behind on updating. Most of you are as well, so I don't feel so bad. Hint,hint.

We have been busy going out on the boat mostly for the last few days. That was our plan yesterday until it started pouring rain all day.Usually while she is here we go off on some big adventure but this time we were economically challenged.She is buying a house ,they close on it Friday.So we had hen parties here at the house. We had hen parties out on the boat and we had hen parties at the pool.Good times.
Somehow the time has flown by. Vicki must go home today :(

Then my next project will be getting ready for my hubby and kids to arrive next month and then ,getting ready to return to England. Cavuto's quarantine will finally be OVER in August.Can you imagine if that poor baby had been in that little hellhole ALL this time?

have a great day y'all!

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

and i have had a great time!!! it always go way to fast :(((((( I will miss you , you must come to cali...But i know you ca not since u will be having your boys and getting ready for your new life adventure.. I love you , your are my best friend in the world and will miss you!!!!better go i hate crying....

myomyohi said...

In my next life, I want to come back as one of your cats!

Dear Liza said...

Its' so awesome that you two can be together once a year. I know you have the best time ever.

And yes, I want to be one of your kitties, too.

Happy summer, friend. Hugs.

SOUL: said...

things we do for our animules eh?
happy you two had such a good time.
sometimes it doesn't matter what you do-- just who your with-- will she be able to visit you in england?
or will you go visit her? what's the dealeo on that?

and yes.. if cavuto was still in jail there would prolly be picketers outside trying to get him sprung for the last few months. that was just sad as sad can be.

and so i think i just lost some brain cells cuz i forgot what i was about to say
and have a good day
luv me.

byeeeeeeeeee vicki

waiter said...

love that picture at the top. I just found this blog but i think i like it and will save to my favs.