Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding trip part 2.....

Somehow I had become the den mother to most of the groomsmen .............

Well, strike that since half of them were actually MINE , one had a wife and wasn't there. Lets just say ,I picked up 2 extra sons for most of the time I was there.

Before we continue....lets have a who's who of groomsmen.

L.to R. , Ryan (the married friend ), Andy (extra son), Wes(mine), Logan (mine) ,Eric (extra son and Beths brother) ,and Ian (mine) .

Those who are not "mine" have been friends of Logan's since they were 14 year old kids.

Ok, now where was I?

Oh, everything was ready, the food was in the oven to heat up while we went to the rehearsal . We just had to wait for Beth to get home and a few people to get there. I don't really recall why various people were late but lets just say that we were ALL late for the rehearsal and Wes and I were afraid the food was going to be lumps of jerky by the time we got back to it.

We went through the rehearsal itself two times. It seemed like the wedding shouldn't be too difficult.

I finally take my car full of boys back to Logan's house. Everyone arrives and mulls around starving while we finish heating the food. Beths mom also brought some fancy fruit flowers and some veggee trays and stuff (thank goodness)

There was quite a crowd of people there. Luckily none of the food had turned to jerky.Everything turned out good. (Wes and I take a bow) :)

I got to meet lots of Beths family, most of whom I had never met before. My hubby's sister Nikki and her husband Jim came up, from Ohio. I was glad to have some familiar faces there as well :)
We know how shy I am.

It had been a while since I threw a dinner together for 30 people. What was I thinking, bringing books to read and stuff? LOL, Like I was going to be relaxing (at ALLLL) .

Well , my MAIN job was now over. WHEW! but the boys still had millions of things to do. I rode back to my hotel with Nikki and Jim and left Wes my rental car. it was bedtime shortly after we got to the hotel. (no rest for the weary or is it wicked) ??

The next day .....wedding day! My biggest duty of the day would be stuffing myself into my dress and making myself look as human as possible.

The bride was planning to go have her nails done. I had told her I wouldn't be joining them because Eva had already done mine. (thanks Eva!)
Then I realized that maybe they'd want me to just stop by and take pictures of them .Nikki Jim and I went and had breakfast (a nice leisurely breakfast) Woo hoo! then they drove to the mall where the nail salon was located.We looked around at khols and waited an hour. No bride ,no brides mom and sister.
So we left. Not sure what happened but they all lost their appointments and then had to wait and wait and wait. Meanwhile ,Nikki ,Jim and I went to a huge thrift store on our way back to the hotel.By then it was time for us to start getting ready for the wedding.

I had my hair and face done when Wes,Ian ,Logan , Andy and Eric showed up with their bags of tuxes to get ready. Logan's house was 10 miles from the wedding place, the hotel was about 3 miles, so the plan was for them to dress at the hotel.We also had Matt (an old friend) and another guy (the photographer) in the room while they were getting ready.

Note to self: next time get a MUCH bigger room.

By the time all those guys were dressed my room looked like a tornado had hit . The bride and all her peeps were over in her and Logan's suite, getting ready. Ian walked me over there once I had stuffed myself into my dress. I took a few pictures of them getting ready and then we had to go. All the boys had stuff to do at the wedding place (Ian was the DJ and had to set up )and I don't know what else. All the girls were running behind. the hairdo girls had been late I believe.

For months I had been looking for some kind of scarf or shawl to match my dang dress but NO luck.We get to the wedding place and oh yay, it is freezing outside! First stop, the bathroom and what happens? I have an amazing NON_SCHLEPROCK moment! I run right into my girl Dawn and she is wearing the perfect scarf to match my dress!Of course she is sweet enough to hand it over. Thanks honey!!You saved me from feeling totally nekkid!

Lots and lots of people show up as I follow the boys around taking pictures. The reason my pics are so crappy is ,there were two photographers in FRONT of them taking pics. I was off to the side at a lousy angle. :) We have to wait to see the "real " pictures. As far as the reception pics I took , that was just basically snapping pictures through a dark room and just seeing what showed up.

The bridal party finally arrives and things are ready to begin. I was supposed to be the second one to go down the aisle, right after Beths mom. I was given my very own usher since my hubby was not there and I was ALL alone. (ugh hmm) Beths mom takes her turn like we rehearsed and then I am just standing there in a total daze.......missing my cue! OOPS.

Beth could not have been any cuter. Her and Logan are so damn sweet together. Oh, where was I? Beths oldest brother,John was the officiant .He made very few mistakes. lol Then Andy played the guitar while Ian sang a song .The mom's cried a little. We all froze a little. All in all the wedding was beautiful.

Once we got inside I was pretty clueless about the sequence of events. It's been like 100 years since I've been to a "real" wedding.I saw oodles of kids I hadn't seen in ages. Everything was just fabulous. The only thing missing was my husband. We all closed the place down. It was 3 a.m. before I got to go to sleep. WAYYYY past my bedtime.
My husband called and woke me up at 7. I had to leave for the airport just a few hours after that.

I am still struggling to recover from my lack of sleep .A sure sign of old ladyism.

Congratulations Logan and Beth!!! WE love you!!!
send us pics of California....now. :))

Part 2 of the reception (random shots) in the dark......

happy humpday peeps!


Anonymous said...

Well , how rude!

Anonymous said...

Who said that? Beautiful pictures! California ?! Where? Bridesmaid's color was pretty. That's not the pic of your dress you'd posted. You looked very nice! I had a pedicure yesterday ($50 !!) and hair frosted ($60, an every other month expense) going to Bo's class reunion. He wasn't too upset. I know you're glad it's all over. Oh, which one is Beth's mom? aj

Dear Liza said...

I loved reading every detail about the wedding and the pics were great.

When I have things like a huge wedding or an event of that caliber hanging over me, I cannot wait for it to be over...you feeling the same?

Hope all is well in your world.


J. :)

Smocha said...

Thanks ya'll!

YES! I am sooo glad it's over. Now I feel like the first day of school , so relieved you just sit there like a slug.

Jamie, hope all is on the upswing for you! ((( hugs)))