Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camping is for .........


Anonymous said...

Great pics but I can't believe yall were crazy to go camping in this heat! Especially when you have a nice condo on the lake! She looks great, never changes or shows age every year. I have to get up at 5a to be out by 6a to work in flowers for a few hours. aj

SOUL: said...

looks like a good time-- but since when do you eat sunflower seeds---aaaahhhhh is it a quit smokin thing? have you learned to eat 'em righ yet? :))
and if you'll notice-- you always bitch about burnin your knees-- perhaps if you didn't sit like you do they wouldn't sunburn so easily-- ya think?

did the bad man show up with the knife and cut the screen up?

did ya have fun?

looks like it.
i wanna go campin.
aj's right tho-- it is too damn hot right now. way hot.


Creative Problem Solver said...

Haha, you guys did get burnt to a crisp!