Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My trip to the wedding......

Hi all,

I think I needed an extra week for this trip. Ok, let me try and give y'all the recap .

I left here on Thursday for the airport.I knew that my suitcase weighed a ton but I had no way to know exactly how much until I heard those dreaded words "Oh you're 16 pounds over weight . You'll have to take some stuff out or it will be a 50 dollar charge." Oh great.And where do I HAVE to put all this extra stuff? Um ,nowhere of course.

That morning I had just finished the scrapbook , which wound up being 2 scrapbooks. (If you live near me ,it's safe now...I won't make you scrapbook any more) Anyhow, those weighed about 8 pounds. Then the 37 frozen bratwurst.....those were heavy as hell.I took them out of the suitcase and put them in a pillow case. Then by taking 3 books out of my backpack and putting the books in my purse I was able to stuff the cold bratwurst into my backpack.Once they took my suitcase away I though "oh crap, I hope they let me have meat in my carry on."

The bratwurst were frozen in 3 huge ziplock bags and then wrapped in packing paper and taped up.I was pretty sure on an xray they would look just like a bomb.My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the dreaded words" Bagcheck!" and was pulled off to the side while they unpacked my entire backpack.

Luckily they let me and my sausages go on our merry way.-After my uneventful flight I got my rental car and headed to Logan's house. They bachelor party had been there, the night before. Wes called me and said "do you want to help clean?"

"um..NO. I have things to cook. "

'Ok, I'll take down the porn and clean up the barf and dog poo."

"Please do."

I guess it was a blessing that I got lost on the way there as those "issues" were gone by the time I got to Logan's.

I had to leave shortly after wards to go check into my hotel and go grocery shop for the remainder of the rehearsal dinner ingredients.

It was after 7 p.m. by the time I got back to Logan's.Then I had to bake 2 pans of brownies and my assistant ,Wes made the coleslaw.(the coleslaw was pretty yummy ,I will attach the recipe)
(the brownies,I totally screwed up) Ian later had to chisel them out of the pan, cut them up and turn them upside down to hide their hideousness.

By the time we cooked and ate some buffalo wild wings and sat around while Ian and Wes worked on the music. It was nearly one a.m. ,no point in driving 10 miles to my hotel. I just stayed there.

I woke up at the crack of dawn ,as usual. Beth was gone to work and the boys sleeping on couches didn't live there. So coffee and coffee maker were nowhere to be found.I hopped in my rental car in the clothes I had worn all day and slept in ,and went off in search of coffee.Was lucky to find a 7 -11 nearby .Woot!

The rehearsal is at 5 p.m. ,then there's 30 people coming to dinner and poor Beth had to go in to work. I didn't feel that I could trust the boys to clean the house up. So I cleaned the rooms people would be seeing and then left to go to my hotel and take a shower and change clothes.I got back in time to start preparing the rest of the food. The boys set up tables and chairs and decorated.

Somehow I had become the den mother to most of the groomsmen .............

To be continued......................................

Part 1 of (mostly)bad pictures from the reception


SOUL: said...

i LOVE it-- did i cry?
hmmmm... well... whaddayou think??

love you -- and the hams you raised.

Anonymous said...

you foot fetish you..... nice looking shoes, though! Nice pics...aj

Brad said...


You took weiners to the wedding!

Is that some kinda fertility thing? Already bugging them to make you a granny?

Seriously, I'm glad you were there to see your little urchin get hitched. The guys do look good and the bride, well.....SMOKIN' HOT!

But not as hot as you of course.

Big Brutha

Smocha said...

Ha! I did NOT take weiners .

Weiners /cheap


I took 2 smoked pork roasts as well. The bratwurst were requested because everyone out there is all Chicago-ized.

Go figure.