Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get your dramamine......

Hi ,well this is not Smocha, its me Vicki.. and I am presenting to you all the very first video to date that I have taken, yes on a boat, were the waves, were bumpy as hell, I start coughing and get a real good boob shot of Lena when i am getting up, mind you non of these things are done intentionally.. it just happened!.. we did have a great day and when we got out to old foggy cove i put my blessed 50UV sun block on and my dear friend puts on her 4 UV sun block...we anchor the boat she jumps out raft in hand and i then follow raft in hand she gets up on her raft i get up on my raft and while adjusting the seating i poked a damn hole in my raft....a big now i am left with my rafts air pillow..yea.. we did get the boat washed, of course bye this time i am having a raging coughing fit and Smocha is fit to be tied, but she hides it well...we did manage to get the boat half assed washed, but it is better than it now all we have to do is laze around and relax and we do...and we do that so well.. when we get ready to leave, we decide to take video's..and the rest is video history..and yes like i said, up to this point i was a video virgin...what have i learned pay more attention to what your doing and do not move to fast or you get that sick feeling......

Happy Saturday!

Love Us


SOUL: said...

where's the video???
is that lake catherine?
where the hell did you go camping?
remind that hag she was a nurse-- she isn't sposed to get all haggy when you get sick. specially when you travel sick to see HER.
haha-- luv ya both

SOUL: said...

oh--umm, nevermind-- i found the video-- gimmee a break, i been up since four a.m

SOUL: said...

not bad for a video virgin gilligan.. tell the ole skipper she done good too.
we've had our boat years longer than they have, and i still won't do more than load or unload it onto the trailer. or on or off the truck.
i'm too scawed to drive it.

even if i could-- i wouldn't go out alone like she does.

hope you guys are havin fun.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't ride but I sure wouldn't drive when it's choppy! Glad you're having fun on your visit! Now relax at the condo and go the the pool so you can go in to cool air when you want to. aj

Anonymous said...

Wow, I needed Dramamine just to watch that video! But - it is pretty good for the first time- but the first time is supposed to be gentle, not rough. Coughing fit, Diva? Time to follow Smocha's example and put down the Marlboros. Smocha looks as pink as a well done lobster. That sun is fierce when it is 97 degrees and on the water. G5