Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is that a deer on your ear?

Hi y'all,

Today is the big day that we are supposed to go camping. The bad part is ....

94°F | 74°F

we are going to roast! With the heat index that's like 107 or so. Goodie.

I have cupboards to scrounge through to find bug spray, flashlights,fans etc. So without further ado, here is yesterday in pictures.

I told you we were going to hold those baby deer!

"what is she doing?"

"do you mind, I'm chewing my nails."

Figaro will be needing a new home in August....hint hint ..neighbors.

hen party in the pool.

"Hey! what about me???"

g5 and Floozie2

Nosey and Floozie2

Then we see baby deer on leashes. We stampede over there in bathing suits like a clown parade!Let us at 'em!! let us at 'em!!!

They sucked on our ears and made sweet baby noises.

The female ...soooo tiny.

How could anyone eat a deer? Ugh hmmm. I think NOT!!

nursing on my finger. He just barely had little nubs of teeth.

"can we take her home?"

Baby love

We all had cute overdoses :))

Have a great day peeps!

See ya after we melt in a tent


Creative Problem Solver said...

haha, a little too cute.

Anonymous said...

Really ADORABLE pictures! Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

Taking a break from cooking deer steaks and gravy! Adorable pictures, though! The end of Judy take fish/bowl with free sign to walmart and it'd be gone fast probably. We went 'camping' to Hope last weekend, but motorhome is only way I'd go! Don't have a heat stroke! aj

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! It is amazing that a deer would allow itself to be held like that - they are wild animals, but I think they think people are their mommie because people give them milk. It is the grown up deer that are good to eat, not the little ones. I myself have never gotten made enuf at Bambi to go shoot her and never will. G5

Nocturnal Queen said...

So cute!

desert dirt diva said...

oh how cute.. they were so friggin adorable... had a great time!! now go comment on my blog....

Unknown Mami said...

Baby deer on leashes! I think I just had a cute overdose. They are so beautiful I can't stand it.

SOUL: said...

that's so sweet-- i love deer.

LadyFi said...

Love the deer pics! Too adorable...

What would the cats say if you brought one home though... Lunch?!