Monday, June 1, 2009


Ola y'all,

Well, I'm getting down to the wire here. I leave for Chicago in just a few days. Yikes! I have too much stuff to do. I'm a nervous wreck. My suitcase is the wrong size. I have small and humongous. I need medium. Yesterday I was going to cook the brats (which I am freezing and bringing with me) only I did not know that first ,you are supposed to boil them in beer. I did not have any beer and this lovely state dictates that I am not allowed to buy any on a Sunday. ack! So I'm a day behind schedule now. This is the first time Cavuto will ever be left all alone. We usually have all 3 cats. Aunt Floozie2 will come see him ,but he's just so needy right now. ( yes, I worry about that) My son just told me that it cost nearly $200.00 to rent a tux. I had no idea. that's outrageous!So, there's going to be over a thousand bucks worth of tuxes standing there. I hope this means everyone will be shaved and have haircuts. Can you imagine spending all that money and then looking like cavemen? (hint hint,to you kids)

Ok, let me try and stop my mind from whirling like frogs in a blender. ommmm.....ommmmm.Breathe in....breathe out.

I sure picked a lousy time to be a non smoker. ack!


My long lost babies......over in England.

Monkey and Booger under the ironing board.

O'Reilly (Booger) helping daddy work.

Supervising :)

Oh...I miss my cats!!! And my husband too ;)


My huge helper.


This weekend it was hotter than hizzell . I took the boat out Saturday and the lake was packed.
That's about 8 boats all tied together (in the pic)

Floozie2 and Lake Farmer tied up with me .

It was like a holiday out there. 18 boats were in old fogey cove.

What's missing? Oh yeah my husband.

Here's a pic of my imaginary husband.

He's pretty hot ;)


Some random crap I saw yesterday......

I saw a girl at TJ Maxx wearing one of those house arrest ankle bracelets. She was shopping with her son ,about 10 years old. I had to wonder "What crime did she commit ? "
Weird. And she was just prancing around like no one could see that thing on her leg.

Then later on at Walmart ,I saw a woman in line with a baby and a boy about 8 or 9. She was about my age. Or a hard living 30's. Obviously a hillbilly. She was wearing some skin tight short shorts and a barely there shirt. When she turned around , I see that on each of her saggy boobs (which are quite visible in that lovely outfit) is a tattoo of some handwriting. On the right one it says "Devilish " and on the left it says "Bitch"
I'm sure that her son must be so proud, the envy of the school yard. Way to carry on the trashy genes lady.

It really is a side show out there sometimes.

Time to get busy. Have a great day peeps!

luv me


Creative Problem Solver said...

Maybe the anklet the lady was wearing was an alcohol monitor? I've heard of those.

Smocha said...

Never heard of that one. Interesting.

Hey someone is going to be my 10,000th visitor on the blog today.

Maybe I'll give 'em a prize. Some old cat toys? A book I've already read. A copy of Nicklebacks greatest songs. LOL

Who knows.

Thanks for reading guys:)

Anonymous said...

After you told about it, I read 'Marley and Me". I knew the ending so when I checked out the dvd, why did I cry like a baby ?!! aj

Smocha said...

I did the same thing. Even though I already knew the ending.
Guess we're saps. :)

SOUL: said...

dammit-- it says i'm reader 10,001 .. so who was 10,000?? i wanna know.

btw-- i refuse to watch-- or read marly and me-- i just can't make myself. from what i've heard i would be traumatized for life.

anyhow-- i gotsta get offa my arse and busy meself.


ps.. chill out-- at least YOU don't have to rent a tux-- or buy a wedding dress... and there's always booze to take the place of the ciggies.. little for the brats.. little for me..little for the brats , little for me. see? it all works out in the end. :))

Anonymous said...

200 bucks to rent a monkey suit? Ridiculous! Down here in Dixieland they rent for 75, including shoes. I certainly agree with you about shaving and combing of hair. There's gonna be pictures, lots of pictures, too. You must learn what neighbors are for. We have beer in the fridge - some of it is imported from Belgium. Great for brats. You are always welcome to it. Also, we have a med. size suitcase. All ya gotta do is knock. G5

Anonymous said...

Electronic ankle thing? The way Hot Springs goes, 85 percent chance it is because of drug posession, distributing or manufacturing. G5

Smocha said...

Soul, Someone from England was number 10,000. And NO it was not my husband.They didn't have a blog so I don't know who it was.

Guess the prize will go to the next identifiable person. :)

G5 , yeah prolly something to do with meth . Knowing this town.

I'll be over later to see what you all have in the suitcase department. :)


Meg said...

You crack me up. Just sayin.

Also, when you heading back to the UK with your Cavuto?

Smocha said...

Hey Meg,

I just now, on the 10th got this comment in my email. Talk about some slow service!

Cavuto and I head back to England in August! Yippeee!!!!