Monday, August 23, 2010

That's so sweet

My friend came over today with her 3 kids so they could go swimming . Naturally, a raging thunderstorm hit right before they arrived.

All the kids "Has Cavuto grown? He sure looks taller."

"No he hasn't grown ,they don't call him Daddy long legs for nuthin'."

Cavuto entertains them with his attention hounding until the storm is over.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly has been napping for hours in-spite of people coming into the house.

(at one point I went and checked on him to make sure he was still alive)

Eventaully the storm is over and the kids go swim for a while. After they came back in , 6 year old Sissy says (of the still sleeping O'Reilly)

"Is your other cat mean now?"

"No, he's just acting like a watch dog."

"Will he let me pet him?"

"If you go lay on the bed and just be still for a minute ,then I bet he will."

A little while later (after hearing No sound from the bedroom) this is what I saw.

Sweet babies sleeping.

A beautiful moment out of a crappy week :)

Hope all's well with ya'll!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Cute pic of the 2 little ones sleeping away! Keep em coming. G5

Anonymous said...

Too cute! aj

Wesley said...

Hey Ma,
You should come visit before going back to the UK.

vicki says said...

that is so adorable......

Nocturnal Queen said...

Very cute. :-)

Jamie said...

Your kitties are so beautiful. :)

Hope your week is going great.