Thursday, August 5, 2010

Next time I'm wearing a burqa......

The other day I got a call to detail some guys boat. I usually do these jobs with my friend Eva.
Eva was unavailable due to her "real job" ,so I figured I could suffer through it by myself.

When Eva and I do these detail jobs, we have the radio playing some rockin' cleaning music, we laugh, we joke around, I'm the boss (the experienced boat cleaner) she does what I tell her to do.

The next morning hubby takes me over to the guys boat. Hubby is all grouchy and I was assuming that he was going to drop me off ,leave me there to clean the boat and then come back and get me. But NOOO.....he decides that he is going to stay and help me. And by "help" I mean retain his grouchy attitude ,boss me around,tell me how I'm doing everything "with NO logical order",and work in silent grouchiness the whole time. I hope to God he doesn't treat his people at work that way.

Keep in mind that even though we started at 10 A.M. the temperature was already 105 degrees.
It was so hot I actually felt nauseous.I knew that if I stopped for a break I would not be able to get back up.I'm sure hubby wasn't loving it either. I had thought I was going to be alone so I brought one lukewarm bottle of water. It took us 3 hours to finish the boat. And 3 days to recover.

Now I just hope that

A. we cleaned the right boat
and B. that the guy pays me today!


Yesterday the Spouse and I had to go get new passport photos taken .When one goes to Walgreens to have a picture taken you can't expect much ,right. However I DO expect the person to at least TRY a little for a less than hideous picture.

We get to the photo counter and are greeted by

naturally , this guy.

He's wearing a pair of tan polyester pants that are so wrinkled they look like his dog had slept on them for the last month.If I was the manager I would have sent his ass home.

So Lazo obviously cares about our picture as much as he does his own personal grooming.

Stand there, click .Click . No second chances here, that would take effort . I knew the pictures were going to be awful.......

but in my wildest dreams I did not expect them to be THIS awful.

MY new passport photo truly looks like a 150 year old Gollum.

and Hubby's looks very much like a drunken Nick Nolte.

That's freakin' awesome. Thanks Lazo.

Happy whatever day it is Peeps!


SOUL said...

ooooh-- sounds like some FUN times !
you should post the real pix - i'm sure they aren't that bad-- but i'm lovin the smeagol pic. :)) and nick nolte -- y'all make a beautiful couple. let's not forget 'fat bastard' he's always worth a laugh or two as well. he's my future lover ya know?

well- i hope you're recovered from the day on the boat - that sounded just lovely - and worth every dime i'm sure. not.

stay cool -
and ummm.. i need some info here -- i have a life to plan around -- if ya know what i mean. gots dates yet?

love me.

Anonymous said...

My post disappeared. Anyway, it is a wonder you both didnt pass out from the heat. Good thing that Hub helped you, even tho grouchy. Next time you get a call, start cleaning at 6:30 am. G5